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Inject Account Intelligence Into Every Step of the Buying Journey

Smarter Go-To-Market Series with Demandbase and Infinityn

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Today’s B2B buying is conducted almost entirely online — and most of it happens out of your view. Making matters worse, the technology that’s supposed to help you understand and connect with your buyers is scattered across dozens of disconnected systems, blurring account-level insight and the buyer journey.

Join Andrew Reed, Head of ABM at AVEVA as he shares his journey into how Account Intelligence has helped AVEVA’s go-to-market strategy along with experts from Demandbase and Infinityn as we discuss how to spot in-market opportunities sooner, progress them faster and hit your pipeline goals quarter after quarter.

This is the first webinar in a Smarter Go-To-Market Series bought to you by Demandbase and Infinityn. We’re here to help B2B Sales & Marketing teams get better by getting smarter. This series will explore how to find and engage best-fit accounts, close opportunities more efficiently and expand & retain customers.