ABM Buying Guide Solution Sheet

A Tool to Help Guide Your ABM Vendor Evaluation

Evaluating ABM platforms? This guide helps outline what to look for, including the 5 ABM processes known as Build, Find, Engage, Close and Measure and what questions to consider to ensure you’re thinking about the full ABM experience.


With the ever-growing list of technology vendors, it’s become more difficult than ever to identify the right account-based solution.

We’re here to help! Use this buying guide to help frame up your questions and to learn what to look for in an ABM or ABX solution.

Consider asking questions like:

  • Does the vendor identify and deanonymize the account of any visitor on any webpage?
  • Can you create dynamic audiences for use in advertising or other engagement channels?
  • Does the vendor allow you to customize and build models and scores that predict the likelihood of a sales opportunity?

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