The Best Analyst Insights Reviewed
Metrics and Analytics 02.15.2022

The Best Analyst Insights Reviewed

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Aditya will talk to us about helping marketing and sales teams evolve and stay updated on new trends by bringing together real-world insights. He will also help us understand the achievements of ratings and what is beyond the quadrants.

About the Guest 

Aditya works as a strategic company guide to inject strategic advice into the company’s top initiatives, at times acting as an external voice. His challenges include creating, keeping, and protecting mindshare once generated by nurturing thoughts, research, and thought leadership with top-tier influencers. Aditya cherishes teaching and is actively engaged in mentoring the next-gen and teaching full-time and executive MBA students at some of the best colleges in India.

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“Think beyond the magic quadrants, waves, and market scapes and understand what can be deployed to change the stakeholder, and buyers’ behavior towards the company.”

Key Takeaways 

  • Start small, and start very focused when engaging the stakeholders.
  • Prepare very well because the initial few interactions will make both the analyst community as well as the internal stakeholders cognizance of each other’s depth.

Highlights From the Episode


What are some of the challenges faced by the analyst?

The analyst faces the three most prominent challenges; First, perceptions like switching gears, many employers coming from services majors are perceived as product leaders. Secondly, the challenges of perception in terms of analyst reservation, often analysts are not considered to be product leaders. Third, the internal stakeholders also need a lot of educational selling on who the analysts are, what’s their grip on the given topic, and the lasting influence on the buyers’ decision-making fabric. 

What factors should one focus on in understanding the achievements of ratings?

For the milestones before and after the magic quadrant happens, one should spend a considerable amount of time reading and understanding the beneficiaries’ intent. What excites and engages the analyst community the most, and how to organize, simplify, and enhance analysts’ ability to remember. Also, engage with the field and marketing analysts, the Field Marketing team internally, the product strategist, the product management people internally, and the overall leadership to make them know and understand what’s happening in the markets.

Recommended Reading/Resources

Aditya highly recommends Selling the invisible, Crossing the chasm, and One land one billion minds. It triggers many ideas about how different people change perceptions across technology, its application, and B2B scenarios and things.


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