Streamlining Healthcare Billing through Client Partnerships
Metrics and Analytics 01.16.2024

Streamlining Healthcare Billing through Client Partnerships

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On today’s episode, Ashley and Kyle demonstrate a deep understanding of the intersection between client needs, healthcare billing complexities, and digital solutions. She focuses on deriving product ideas from client pain points and the importance of aligning marketing strategies with these insights. She also shares how her experience at SoftTek, especially in developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies, is relevant as she discusses the challenges in healthcare billing and the role of technology.

About the Guests

Kyle Crow is the Regional Vice President of Sales at Softek. In his current role, Kyle works with clients to understand their challenges with Oracle Cerner Millennium and provide solutions to optimize their system and ultimately, help their bottom line.Prior to Softek, Kyle spent seven years at Oracle Cerner as an Integration Architect, managing dozens of Oracle Cerner implementations.Kyle knows first-hand the issues clients are facing and harnesses those experiences to drive client success in their system performance and revenue cycle initiatives.

Ashley Mitts is the Director of Marketing at Softek. In her current role, she is in charge of developing and implementing the company’s overarching marketing strategy to improve brand awareness and support product offerings. She also leads Softek’s integrated digital and social presence, including social strategy, content creation, and digital promotions to drive lead generation and sales.Prior to Softek, Ashley spent seven years at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City as Marketing Manager, developing and executing marketing and communications campaigns and strategies.

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Key Takeaways

  • Success in technology solutions, especially in healthcare, hinges on understanding and addressing client pain points.
  • Data plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes between healthcare providers and payers, emphasising the need for efficient data management systems.
  • Building strong partnerships and gaining referrals from satisfied clients can be more impactful than traditional marketing strategies in healthcare technology.
  • Embracing ongoing learning through industry-specific resources or broad skill-enhancing literature is essential for growth and success.


“Our vision is really to deliver innovative solutions to help solve complex problems within the electronic medical record space.” – Kyle Crow

“All of our ideas for products come from our clients and the pain points that they’re having with their systems.” – Ashley Mitts

Highlights from the Episode

Could you provide our listeners an insight into Softek’s mission and the specific problem you aim to address? 

Softek’s mission is to maximise hospital systems’ use of Oracle Cerner Millennium, a leading EMR software provider. They focus on optimising EMR performance and innovating solutions for complex problems in the electronic medical record space. Softek aggregates and simplifies large volumes of data for clinicians, hospitals, patients, and payers like insurance companies and government programs.

Given your deep knowledge of the complexities in the U.S. medical billing and healthcare system, could you explain to our audience the challenges, pitfalls, and intricacies involved, especially regarding medical billing, and why it matters to patients and healthcare professionals? 

The U.S. healthcare billing system is complex due to the differing goals of patients, clinicians, and payers, plus the enormous volume of data and codes, leading to billing inconsistencies and challenges impacting patients and healthcare professionals.

Could you give us an insight into your company’s position in the healthcare billing landscape, the challenges you’re tackling, and your strategies for maintaining a competitive edge while addressing industry shortcomings? 

Based on the transcript, Softek’s position in the healthcare billing landscape involves tackling the complexity of big data in electronic medical records, particularly for hospital systems using Oracle Cerner Millennium. They focus on optimising the system performance and delivering innovative solutions to complex problems within the EMR space. The challenge is managing the ever-changing data related to patient care, medications, and healthcare methodologies. Softek maintains its competitive edge by developing tools and solutions responsive to the evolving needs of their clients, ensuring their systems are up-to-date and efficient.

What can you tell us about your company’s go-to-market strategy and plans, and are there specific areas you’re particularly excited about for future development? 

Softek’s go-to-market strategy involves creating products based on client feedback and real-world challenges, emphasising client-involved product testing. They are excited about incorporating AI and automation in healthcare, focusing on streamlining processes and improving efficiency. Their plans highlight a commitment to technological innovation and client-centric product development.

Can you delve into the specific sales and marketing strategies your team is implementing to deliver your solution? 

Softek employs a combination of relationship-based marketing, leveraging client referrals and success stories, active participation in industry events, and digital marketing through social media and email campaigns to promote their solutions and engage with existing and potential clients.

How do you approach marketing to appeal to clients and bridge the gap between healthcare organisations and payers for smoother payments and care delivery?

Softek’s marketing approach is centred on its ability to effectively manage and simplify data transfer between healthcare organisations and payers, facilitating smoother payments and care delivery.

Good reads: Is there a book, blog, newsletter, website, or video that you would recommend to our listeners?

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