Phases of Growth: From Market Acceptance Through Scalable Revenue
DB Viewpoint 05.28.2024

Phases of Growth: From Market Acceptance Through Scalable Revenue

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Kelly Hopping, CMO of Demandbase, sits down with Jake Sorofman, CMO of Visier, to discuss his experience at six software startups that have collectively raised over $1 billion in venture capital. Jake shares his journey and offers insights into marketing across different growth phases. Together they discuss how to identify the right career path, embrace challenges, and the importance of learning from mistakes. Tune in to hear Jake’s advice and his exciting vision for the future of marketing!


About the guest

Jake Sorofman is the Chief Marketing Officer at Visier. Previously, Jake was president of MetaCX, an early stage SaaS company transforming CRM and customer success with a platform for defining and measuring value in stakeholder relationships; CMO of Pendo, the leading product analytics and digital adoption platform; and chief of research at Gartner, where he advised and published on CMO and customer experience topics. His writing has appeared in dozens of publications, including Forbes, Inc., and Harvard Business Review. He holds a BA in English and Political Science from University of New Hampshire, an MBA from Bentley, an MA in Liberal Studies from University of North Carolina at Asheville, and a USCG 50 Ton Master Captain’s License.

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