Unveiling the Future of Streaming and Connected TV
Smarter GTM 08.17.2023

Unveiling the Future of Streaming and Connected TV

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In this episode of Sunny Side Up, host Brian Hopper interviews Minnie Dimesa, Executive Vice President of Advanced Media & Marketing at ICON Media Direct, discussing the future of connected TV and the exciting concept of “clean rooms”. Minnie provides her expert insights on how big publishers like Roku, Disney, and Samsung leverage secure data-sharing environments to offer advertisers more accurate consumer targeting capabilities. The discussion extends to the infancy stage of clean rooms, their potential applications in future planning, measurement, and attribution, as well as the role of beta programs in figuring out the best use cases for this technology. Minnie also discusses her favored industry resources and the professionals who inspire her in the B2B space.

About the Guest

Minnie is EVP of Advanced Media & Marketing at Icon Media Direct, an independent Performance Media agency in Los Angeles California. As EVP of Advanced Media, she drives the Advanced TV practice forward to ensure that Icon maintains its leadership position of innovation in the industry. She is a veteran marketer with vast experience working across many industries.

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Key Takeaways

  • Clean rooms are environments where data is shared securely between publishers and advertisers, improving targeted advertising efforts.
  • Big publishers like Roku, Disney, and Samsung are venturing into clean rooms, still in their infancy.
  • Clean rooms help in future planning, and understanding where customers view content and what type they’re viewing.
  • Beta programs are a significant part of working out the best use cases for clean rooms.
  • EMarketer is a go-to resource for Minnie, providing topical and relevant research in the media and marketing industry.
  • Media Post is another recommended resource, keeping one up-to-date with the marketing world.
  • The technology from Rembrandt allows for the dynamic insertion of product placements, creating a unique viewing experience.
  • The company uses automatic content recognition technology to get granular, deterministic data about linear television.
  • This technology aids in combining measurements from linear TV and streaming TV, giving a holistic view.
  • Convergent television, a combination of linear television and connected TV, is the new frontier in TV advertising.
  • ACR technology has a transformative effect on TV advertising, providing a higher level of measurement accuracy.


“[OTT] is no longer a little niche play or channel that a few people are dabbling in and experimenting with. It’s something that needs to be part of the day-to-day discussions when we talk about media.” – Minnie Dimesa

Highlights from the Episode

Could you share your experience in marketing and what you’re currently working on?

Minnie shared her extensive experience in marketing, mentioning she has been working in the industry for about 30 years on both agency and brand sides. She discussed how she’s witnessed a rapid transformation of the marketing landscape in recent years. Currently, she focuses mostly on Over-the-Top (OTT) and streaming television and is excited about upcoming capabilities that allow consumers to purchase products using their remote controls.

What are your thoughts on where streaming is heading, specifically in a B2B context?

Minnie clarified that OTT and streaming television are essentially the same thing. She provided a brief definition of the terms and shared that OTT is reaching a critical mass, with 113 million households in the U.S. using streaming television. She emphasized that this has brought OTT to the mainstream and necessitates its integration into day-to-day media discussions.

How are B2B organizations starting to leverage this technology to their advantage?

On B2B organizations leveraging this technology, Minnie explained that the integration of OTT in their campaigns could significantly extend their reach. She identified a large audience that relies primarily on streaming, making this a vital aspect to consider for marketers seeking to extend their reach beyond linear television. She also noted that the large number of impressions and growth in available consumers make OTT an effective and efficient means for new customer acquisition and demand generation.

Can you talk more about how companies can use connected TV and OTT to augment their demand gen strategy?

Further elaborating on demand generation strategies, Minnie highlighted the importance of OTT as it combines the lean-back experience of linear television with the precise measurement and targeting capabilities of digital. She mentioned that OTT can provide detailed visibility and attribution, making measuring and optimizing cost per acquisition, lead, or any other KPI easier.

What’s your advice for companies or marketers who want to start exploring doing connected TV?

To companies looking to explore connected TV, Minnie suggested they start by understanding how attribution and measurement KPIs are determined. She explained the role of household device graphs in this process and mentioned the possibility of leveraging existing platforms that offer OTT capabilities. Minnie also suggested that small and medium-sized businesses could try platforms like Hulu and Peacock that don’t require big upfront commitments. However, she warned that these platforms might charge higher CPMs. Minnie added that agencies can help businesses optimize their CPMs, and emphasized the importance of having video creative with response triggers for successful lead-generation campaigns.

Can you explain the concept of ‘clean rooms’ and how they can be beneficial?

Clean rooms provide a privacy-safe environment where data can be processed without revealing personally identifiable information, maintaining both business interests and consumer privacy. Minnie suggested that in an era of increasing privacy concerns, clean rooms provide a viable way to analyze and gain insights from user data in a secure and privacy-compliant manner.

Is there a book, blog, newsletter, website, or video that you would recommend to our listeners?



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Omar TawakolCEO at Rembrand

Danny ReubenSenior Director of Sales at VideoAmp

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