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August 2023

A Shot of Espresso:

3 powerful quotes from this month’s featured content

“If you want to know whether an ‘AI app’ is real, dig behind the marketing claims to see if there’s any differentiation. Is the technology really powered by AI? Was the AI necessary? Did it make the offering better? Or is it marketing fluff or something that will be free in Gmail or Outlook?”  Read the blog

“By tracking the intent of existing clients, companies can identify potential upsell or cross-sell opportunities and be aware of when clients might be at risk of churn or researching competitors.” Read the blog

“Don’t spend too much time with customers not in your ICP, but rather focus on a smaller number of prospects serious about making a change from their current state. . What moves the needle is finding the pain early in the discovery process, adding value specific to them, and creating a sense of urgency around making the change. ” Read the eBook





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