Demandbase Buying Group AI

The Hottest Thing Since ABM

In a world where leads are “too narrow” and accounts are “too broad”, B2B buying groups are “just right.”

Buying Groups are the new foundation of modern GTM

B2B buying is a team sport with 6-10 players. Yet, much of the B2B universe is still targeting individual leads or using overly broad account-based tactics. Just as in the old Goldilocks story, leads are too narrow and accounts are too broad, but B2B buying groups are “just right.” As the trailblazers of account-based marketing, Demandbase is once again at the forefront, applying years of experience with B2B data and machine learning to lead the way with AI-powered buying groups — the next big thing in B2B.

Use AI to generate the entire B2B buying committee

  • Generate and identify all members of the buying group with our Account Intelligence — a powerful combination of your data, our data, and AI.
  • Analyze millions of advertising, intent, and engagement data points to assign buying committee roles and personas for each member of the buying group.
  • Identify net new members of the buying group not yet in CRM, and engage with accurate contact information, from our vast dataset of nearly 150 million B2B contacts.

Find, prioritize, and engage the key buying groups that matter

  • Use AI to spot opportunities earlier by identifying hot in-market buying groups so sales can engage the right people at the exact right time.
  • Advertise to key personas in your buying groups, ensuring your advertising efforts are directed toward those who truly matter.
  • Personalize messages based on a buying group member’s persona and role within a specific opportunity.

The first and only GTM platform with buying groups

In the past, companies relied on guesswork and labor-intensive manual processes to identify buying groups and assign contact roles. Now, only Demandbase harnesses the power of AI to automate the process for a modern go-to-market strategy. 

We begin with deep account insights sourced from advertising, engagement, and intent data to generate optimal buying groups.

Then we use our AI to map known contacts to each buying persona and role, and for any missing personas, we tap into our extensive database of nearly 150 million B2B buyers to fill the gaps. The outcome? Precise buying groups, efficiently generated by Demandbase’s AI.

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Demandbase Buying Group AI functionality will begin to rollout later this year.

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