Predictive Analytics for Smarter Go-To-Market™

Predictive models work in unison to surface the best possible prospects. This guide will show you how to harness the combination of data with predictive models for a Smarter GTMTM.

The Ultimate Guide to Predictive Analytics

Digital transformation is accelerating faster than ever, and along with it, the digitization of customer interactions. Predictive analytics is a tool that has the power to provide insights into upcoming challenges, priming every line of business for impact. After reading the Predictive Analytics for Smarter Go-To-MarketTM ebook, you will:

  • Learn how to leverage predictive analytics to zero in on the accounts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Understand how predictive models work in unison to surface the best possible prospects, enabling you to scale your sales and marketing efforts
  • Gain the knowledge to evaluate prospective predictive model offerings and determine the best fit for your business

Meeting customer expectations has already been challenging for many, but even more so now with the unprecedented events we faced as we entered this new decade. Businesses that can pivot their operations and take to market an improved offering quickly will be the ones who thrive in the present, and win in the long run. The Predictive Analytics for Smarter Go-To-MarketTM ebook also does high-level overviews of:

  • The F.I.R.E. methodology, first introduced in The Clear & Complete Guide to Smarter GTMTM
  • Best practices when evaluating data sources to ensure data quality
  • Factors that can help you up your predictive models game to the next level, like feature selection
  • Exciting ways to see predictive analytics in action (a great preview into The Ultimate Guide To Using Demandbase Predictive Models)

If you can’t connect the dots to the accounts, they’ll stay dots. Predictive analytics can help.


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