The Market Segmentation Playbook

The art and science of dividing accounts into groups for customized sales and marketing experiences.

Discover detailed insights and best practices for segmenting your audience, including:

  • 3 methods for identifying and building your target account lists
  • Proven examples of segments, from simple to advanced
  • How to find the sweet spot of segmentation for maximum impact
  • Checklists for optimizing your Marketing programs and efforts

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Market segmentation is all about focusing on the best opportunities – the cornerstone of Account-Based Marketing.

What is market segmentation?

It’s the process of dividing customers into more refined groups of buyers based on selected characteristics to execute targeted outreach. When you apply segmentation, you’ll improve pipeline velocity, close more deals, and increase your average contract value.

Think of it this way, would you prefer to paint a masterpiece with a roller or a brush? Applying broad strokes might be quick and easy, but when you’re more precise in your application – focusing on specific audiences that show a demonstrated interest in your product or service – your results are likely to be more impactful.

After you download the playbook, don’t forget to check out our Target Account List Calculator!

B2B Market Segmentation