Hello Hyper-Charged B2B Pipeline!

How To Build An Account-Based Go-To-Market Strategy in 6 (No-Bull) Steps.

Together, lead-bound and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approaches make for a strong B2B pipeline and go-to-market strategy.

In this eBook, we dig into six steps to success from our popular blog series, ABM Like a Boss:

  • Building a budget
  • Establishing your ABM team
  • Getting your data ready
  • Selecting your target accounts
  • Personalizing your content
  • Measuring with account-based metrics

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Accellerate your B2B pipeline and go-to-market strategy with account-based marketing!

Do your revenue teams singularly rely on traditional lead-based marketing, but you want to expand upon those efforts with an account-based marketing strategy?

Sweet! Together, lead-bound and account-based approaches make for a robust B2B pipeline that achieves results.

And if you’re new to ABM, you don’t have to sound all the bells and whistles at once. Make it an enjoyable process. Or risk overwhelming your Marketing and Sales teams.

Just like with any major shift in strategy, it often helps to start small with a pilot. At Demandbase, we like to say, “Don’t try to boil the ocean.” Build out your ABM practice one feature at a time.

In addition to a detailed look at each of the six steps, we also includes key insights to help guide your ABM strategy, such as:

Hyper Charged B2B Pipeline
  • How much organizations are spending on ABM
  • Questions to ask when assembling your ABM team
  • Factors to consider when defining your ICP
  • Four ways to measure engagement
  • And more!


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