How Clean Is My Data? A Checklist

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Is dirty data slowing down your go-to-market engine? It’s time to free up your revenue teams from manual data tasks and align them across a single source of truth.

We’ve put together this checklist of the 14 types of key data B2B revenue teams need in their martech to activate successful go-to-market strategies. Use it to visualize your data needs and understand what data you have and don’t have. And if you want to shop around for a data provider, this checklist will help you find out what some other providers offer (and don’t offer).

Then, when you are done pounding the pavement, feel free to come back to us for clean, rich, hassle-free data.

The Difference with Demandbase Data

We amalgamate the data that matters most in B2B. Then, through a multi-step methodology, we turn that data into Account Intelligence — harnessing our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for a comprehensive view of your accounts and all the people in them.

You can add our data to your existing applications including CRM, CDPs, data lakes and warehouses, and analytics tools to enrich your data-driven initiatives, build the foundations of your homegrown and off-the-shelf tech solutions, and create more efficient GTM workflows.

Technology systems powered and connected by Demandbase Data? That’s Smarter GTM™.


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