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15 Questions To Ask When Vetting A Sales Intelligence Vendor

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Do you know what questions to ask a sales intelligence vendor to ensure you will consistently get accurate, curated, and targeted data?

Some may think simple questions like number of companies profiled, number of contacts, or how often data is updated will be enough to know if a sales intelligence provider is the right fit for them. The reality is, that’s just scratching the surface.

Finding the right sales intelligence vendor that provides high-integrity data that can yield the right insights, can empower you to:

  • Fill pipelines with better leads — those with a higher close rate and a shorter sales cycle.
  • Enrich existing data for a complete view of the prospect and their interests.
  • Keep existing data clean and updated so sales and marketing efforts are directed at living, breathing prospects.

These 15 essential questions to ask when buying a sales intelligence solution will help ensure you say goodbye to account blindness for good and inject account intelligence into every step of the journey.



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