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Surescripts Increases Product Awareness with 116% Lift

The Head Scratcher

Surescripts is one of the largest information networks in healthcare, connecting fragmented information technology used by pharmacies, benefit managers, and care providers. The Surescripts network allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to share patient information across systems – reducing errors, improving quality, and lowering costs.

Surescripts wanted to accelerate growth within its customer base by cross-selling new product offerings. However, with a complex sale that requires a large buying committee, Surescripts needed to reach multiple stakeholders in a single account.

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Electronic Health Records

Company Size
670 employees

Arlington, VA


increase in page views


increase in Clinical Direct Messaging


Immunization Registry Reporting

"Demandbase’s ABM solutions help us get our message to the hospital accounts we value most. By targeting multiple contacts within an account, and not just one job title, we reach the right decision makers and deliver more qualified leads to our sales team. It’s a win-win!"
Vince Giglotti Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing and Advertising

What’d They Do?

The digital team at Surescripts knew they needed more insight into which accounts were coming to their site and which ones were not. Their traditional web analytics tool provided general traffic volume and behavior patterns, but it didn’t give them the account-based detail they needed to accurately target their key accounts. That’s when Surescripts turned to Demandbase Analytics.

Armed with an understanding of which accounts were visiting their website, Surescripts then wanted to bring in accounts that were not coming. With Demandbase Account-Based Advertising (ABA), Surescripts attracted just the accounts most important to them, with zero waste. And they personalized their display ads to each company on their target list, reaching them wherever they were on the Internet.

How’d They Do?

Demandbase helped Surescripts move beyond inherently wasteful single networks and cookie-based advertising solutions to a highly targeted account-based approach. With Demandbase, Surescripts could identify target accounts across the internet in real time — using patented IP technology and proprietary data — and then promote their Clinical Direct Messaging and Immunization Registry Reporting products to only those accounts. With their initial ABA campaign, Surescripts reached and attracted 300 target hospital accounts and 20 high-value electronic health record (EHR) technology vendors, generating increases in page views for two key products and net new target companies visiting the Surescripts website.

Increase in product page views for:

Account-Based Advertising Outcome Chart 1

Lifted companies*

Account-Based Advertising Outcome Chart 2

*Lift is the increase in engagement from the baseline period to the campaign period. This includes net new companies with no previous page level engagement registered during the baseline period and companies showing more engagement during the campaign period when compared with the baseline period. The Demandbase benchmark is between 20-25%.

Additional benefits:

  • Measure interest and take immediate action on accounts with high website activity, based on product pages viewed
  • Generate interest from accounts not yet visiting the website
  • Improve collaboration between Sales and Marketing

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