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Sagility Finds 40% Of Niche Segment Visited Website For The First Time

The Head Scratcher

If you’ve ever called the toll-free number for your health insurance plan and it went well, or if you had a great experience with a claim getting processed, chances are you were interacting with someone employed by Sagility. Sagility, a half-billion dollar global company, provides a wide variety of services to the healthcare industry. For example, they handle member calls, claims processing, adjudication, provider database management, and more for health insurance companies. On the hospital systems side, they help hospitals recoup money for denied claims. The point? They offer dozens of services to a diverse spectrum of businesses. And Sagility needed a way to tailor their sales and marketing outreach and messaging to each.

Prior to Kevin Nolan’s arrival on the scene as Global Head of Healthcare Marketing, and before implementing Demandbase, Sagility focused on a core of three large health insurance plans and expanded to new logos only when a champion from one of those organizations moved to another. The concept of outbounding for new business did not exist. Kevin helped oversee the company’s transition to account-based marketing and began looking for a solution to scale it — one that would enable him to personalize outreach programs for very specific audiences.

He was also looking for a way to end their reliance on luck to open doors. It was all too common to learn about an RFP during a call with a prospect or as an offhand comment at a trade show. As Kevin put it, “It was pure luck. I wanted something to help us make our own luck.”

And he wanted the solution to help him reach targets who seemed to be allergic to phone calls.

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Healthcare Services

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25,000 employees


Demandbase One: ABX Cloud & Advertising Cloud


of niche segment visited website for the first time

"I wanted something to help us make our own luck."
Kevin Nolan
Kevin Nolan Global Head of Healthcare Marketing

What’d They Do?

Sagility implemented Demandbase One with ABX Cloud and Advertising Cloud and immediately began parsing their targets into highly refined audiences. They turned to targeted advertising to reach people who wouldn’t respond to phone calls and other forms of outreach.

Next, they dove into the intent data to identify in-market accounts — the magic wand Kevin was looking for to create their own luck. The intent signals put them ahead of the RFP curve, no longer waiting for opportunities to land in their laps.

They also discovered the value of intent data for sales call prep. In one example that Kevin shared, a rep had done a significant amount of research to prepare for meeting with a top tier prospect. He had loads of ideas to talk about, but when Kevin looked at the intent data, he saw the kinds of content the prospect was consuming and it didn’t sync up with the planned discussion. It did, however, sync up with solutions Sagility provides and the rep headed into that call armed with solutions the prospect was looking for, at the right time.

Why Demandbase?

What first attracted Kevin to Demandbase was the ability to finely segment audiences and personalize outreach. “Other providers give you one segment, and one-size-fits-all just doesn’t work in my world.”

He was aware of other companies that could do some of the things that Demandbase does, but, as he put it, “one of the things I liked about Demandbase is that it has a wide variety of services. I consider it just to be an incredible tool and we’re still just scratching the surface.”

The final selling point was the sales team itself. Kevin knew he had an uphill battle to get his proposal approved, because it was such a departure from the old way of doing things. “The salespeople at Demandbase were really patient with us,” admitted Kevin. “There was justification upon justification upon justification, and this even had to go to the board of directors for approval. It was a lengthy road, but we arrived at the right end of the road … and now our account manager is the gold standard in customer success.”

How’d They Do?

With Demandbase ABX Cloud and Advertising Cloud, Sagility is now segmenting their audiences and targeting them with personalized ads that have achieved results like these:

  • Drove 40% of a niche audience to their website on first outreach.
    One of Sagility’s products is sold to a very select group of health insurance organizations that carry a specific type of insurance plan. They were able to define this audience precisely with Demandbase segmentation. The audience was targeted with ads that pointed to an article bylined by an Sagility executive and placed in a top-tier industry publication. The result: 40% of the targeted audience clicked on the article and visited Sagility’s website for the first time.
  • Spurred conversations in a brand new market with targeted ads.
    On Saint Patrick’s Day they announced a new product in a new industry. Forty-eight hours later they were first-time sponsors of that industry’s annual conference. They had no name recognition in the industry, but they knew who the key players were and they cranked up a targeted ad campaign. Roughly 10% of their targets visited their website, and Sagility turned those visits into conversations with people at the conference. They were thrilled with the speed and impact of the targeted campaign. Without the ads, they would have had to rely on random booth traffic and more luck.
  • Are reaching “unreachable” targets.
    Sagility’s target prospects are typically vice presidents and higher. Some are physicians by training, and apparently no amount of phone calling ever gets through to them. “But we’re now able to reach them with our targeted ads,” reports a very pleased Kevin.

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