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How An Industry Leader Uses Self-Serve Targeting to Respond to Consumer Trends in Real-Time and Increase Engagement

The Head Scratcher

A leader in consumer media and entertainment technology, this Demandbase customer relies on ABM-driven advertising both to build brand awareness and to help them land strategic accounts.

The Marketing team often had short, ad hoc conversations about fresh advertising ideas that they wanted to implement immediately, but traditional advertising solutions slowed them down because they needed to go through customer service to create and adjust ad campaigns.

As such, this media company was on the hunt for an advertising tool that would suit the fast-paced, dynamic nature of their business — so they could respond to consumer trends in real-time.


increase in session duration


increase in lifted accounts


unique impressions from their target accounts

What’d They Do?

After trying another ad solution, they decided upon Demandbase, convinced by the solution’s superior ability to engage their target accounts. But what they really love is the flexibility that the Self-Serve Targeting Solution offers. Now, they no longer have to wait up to a week to make changes to advertising campaigns. They can have a quick conversation with their team about something they want to change, and twenty minutes later it goes live.

“A lot of things that we do are kind of ad hoc in nature. So it’s nice to be able to go into Demandbase and make changes on the fly and just really control every aspect of our campaigns.”
– Digital Marketing Manager, Consumer Media Company

While Self-Serve Targeting is excellent for making small adjustments to ad formats and landing pages, it also helps them to maximize the ROI of their ad spend because they can quickly change and reallocate funds tied to their various campaigns. And if they make a snap decision to set up a new campaign entirely, then it’s easy to complete with Self-Serve Targeting’s simple five-step process.

They also highly value the Google Analytics campaign reporting and integration that the Demandbase ABM Platform offers, since making data-driven decisions is of utmost importance to achieving their advertising goals. In particular, being able to show a breakdown of engaged accounts to industry marketing managers is highly advantageous when fine-tuning their ad strategy.

How’d They Do?

Using Demandbase, this leader in consumer media and entertainment technology saw a 22% increase in session duration (i.e., how long someone stayed on their website), a 25% increase in lifted accounts (i.e., increase in account interest in their products) and a 981,552 unique impressions from their target accounts.

They also achieved higher engagement rates, an increase in the number of webpages each person viewed per session, and a decreased bounce rate.

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