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How Ignitium Used Self-Serve Targeting Ads to Maximize 1:1 ABM Strategies

The Head Scratcher

Ignitium, an Account-Based Marketing agency that works closely with companies to help launch, manage, and scale their ABM initiatives, was finding it difficult to manage how their clients’ ad budgets were being spent once they committed to executing ad campaigns.

They needed a way to maximize return on investment for ads that were meant to complement one-to-one ABM strategies. So they turned to Demandbase to create an ABM ad strategy focused on one of their key clients, an industry leader in GPS fleet management solutions.

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Marketing Services

Company Size
1-100 employees

Spokane, Washington

Self-Serve Targeting


of opportunities clicked on the ads (only 33% prior to one-to-one program)


of opportunities had web activity (only 50% prior to one-to-one program)


overall lift across impressions, clicks, high intent users reached, and web activity within the accounts that had the largest opportunities when set up in a one-to-one program

"A lot of enterprise customers need to plan upfront what they want to spend on display for the whole quarter. You have to kind of guess what you're looking to allocate per target account. Whereas with Self-Serve Targeting, marketers can see the available impressions per account and make a data-driven decision on the necessary budget before even launching a campaign. "
Oleg Solodyankin CEO

What’d They Do?

Specifically, they adopted the Demandbase Self-Serve Targeting Solution and launched one-to-one ad campaigns with audiences, only targeting one strategic account at a time. Since each campaign had its own associated budget, they exercised granular control over the amount of money being spent on impressions at each account.

The campaigns were designed specifically to target intent users at accounts with open opportunities that were worth over a million dollars per year, but that may have otherwise received minimal to no impressions in a broader pipeline velocity campaign with a bigger segment of accounts.

I want 100 percent control over the way I structure programs, and not to be limited by the number of campaigns and other things that come with the managed service model. The self-service capability Demandbase offers is ideal for marketers that want to roll up their sleeves and set up a ton of microsegments to ensure they get maximum account and intent user coverage from their media spend.
– Oleg Solodyankin, CEO, Ignitium

How’d They Do?

Ignitium’s client saw higher impressions and engagement from the accounts being targeted in these one-to-one campaigns, and ultimately the campaigns influenced $4 million in closed pipeline.

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