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Caregility Reaches The Right Targets And Rapid ROI

The Head Scratcher

Caregility is a virtual care platform for medical providers and clinicians that offers a wide variety of online patient experiences — everything from telehealth to patients using mobile devices to read their vitals through wired devices. Think heart rate, blood sugar levels, and more. They support about 1,500 hospitals, 63 health systems, 10,000 devices and carts, and connect to somewhere around 4 million sessions annually. The point? With so many offerings for such a diverse group of customers and use cases, they needed a way to segment their targets and deliver highly tailored, relevant messages.

Expanding on the point, Jay Civitillo, Growth (ABM) Marketing Manager at Caregility explained, “We needed a way to engage multiple prospects within an organization earlier in the buyer’s journey, because not everyone understood that our one solution could work in so many different departments.”

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Company Size
125 employees

Eatontown, New Jersey

Demandbase One: ABX Cloud & Advertising Cloud

"To know what organizations are researching and considering before they even hit our website, is very powerful."
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Jay Civitillo Market Development Manager

What’d They Do?

Caregility didn’t have an account-based marketing (ABM) program in place when they started working with Demandbase, but they quickly learned to do ABM through the implementation. They discovered, “all of the powerful features that Demandbase offers and figured out how to integrate their entire marketing tech stack at the same time,” noted Jay.

Now they’re using Demandbase to gain insights into who they should target, when they should engage, and what they should say based on the types of content the prospect is consuming. And marketing is sharing these insights with sales so the two teams are aligned and hyper targeted.

They’re advertising multiple value props into targeted accounts, quickly and at a much lower cost than they were spending previously. They’re engaging prospects with nurturing campaigns before they visit their website — and doing it all through the platform. “Demandbase not only provides the data and insights we need, it enables us to take action on it automatically,” glowed Jay.

Why Demandbase?

When it came to choosing an ABM solution to accelerate Caregility’s marketing, Jay was looking for several key things. It needed to work for their industry and their various targets, and needed to adapt to their business, not require them to adapt to the solution. He found what he was looking for in Demandbase. “We’ve been able to customize Demandbase right out of the box to meet our specific needs within the healthcare industry,” crowed Jay.

Another key factor was the support they received from Demandbase. As Jay put it, “A successful ABM program is more than technology. It’s also about the support the vendor will provide. The Demandbase training, in conjunction with the support team, has been there since day one and continues to support our team here at Caregility. I don’t think we would have been as successful as we have been without all the awesome people Demandbase has to help us. And as our ABM capability matures over time, we feel confident that Demandbase is going to be there to support us.”

Jay considered other solutions, but, “Demandbase was the tool we felt would help us the best.”

How’d They Do?

With Demandbase One: ABX Cloud and Advertising Cloud, Caregility is:

  • Aligning sales and marketing around powerful insights to engage the right person at the right time with the right message.
    Caregility is pumped about having access to account insights they’ve never had before, especially the “observed content” or intent data. They’re able to deliver ad messages that the prospect really cares about, while also enabling their sales team to engage the right person at the right time with the right message. It sounds cliche, but it’s really working for Caregility! It’s been extremely useful for their sales team to know what organizations are researching and considering before they hit their website.
  • Saving time, money, and delivering more targeted ad messages.
    Before Demandbase, Caregility planned their advertising manually using multiple channels. And that didn’t guarantee they were reaching their targets. Now, they’re advertising multiple value props into their large target accounts, quickly and “inexpensively.” They’re able to target organizations that are late in their buying cycle and getting ready to buy. They’re maximizing their ad spend around tradeshows. Jay shared one example of a contact from a major account they’d been targeting who visited their booth specifically because he’d seen their advertising.
  • Realized a great return on investment quickly, due in large part to the support they received.
    Jay says it best, “I don’t think we would have seen such a quick return on our investment if the amount of support that we received from Demandbase, and from so many people, wasn’t there. All our questions have been and still are answered very quickly and very thoroughly. Recommendations are made to us by our account representatives to help us fix something we didn’t catch. That’s probably been the biggest impact on our ABM team’s success.”

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