Demandbase Recognized in Marketing & Sales Data Providers for B2B Landscape Report

Research Covers the Breadth, Depth, and Scale of Offerings Needed by Primary Data Partners who Serve Large Enterprise Clients

(SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 10, 2023)Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), today announces it has been named a notable provider by Forrester Research in a recent research report. “The Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape, Q4 2023” report includes an overview of top business scenarios needed in this market, along with providers’ expected capabilities. In addition, the authors affirmed that enterprise customers “expect much more from their primary data provider than lists,” instead looking for a partner that can “deliver extensive and diverse data sets, offer services to improve their internal data quality and compliance, and streamline their operations with integrations, automation, and use-case-specific technologies.”

“Data has always been the cornerstone of our strategy to transform how B2B companies go to market. With the explosion of AI, the importance of accurate, differentiated data to train GTM models has never been higher,” says Brewster Stanislaw, chief product officer at Demandbase. “That’s why we are so excited to be included in this Forrester report. It further demonstrates for us the incredible reliability, comprehensiveness, and AI-readiness of our GTM data. This means that we can serve the data needs of enterprise customers like no one else can.”

According to the Forrester Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape report, “the modern B2B data provider market has evolved to include only a handful of providers with the breadth, depth, and scale of offerings required to be the primary data partner for large enterprise clients.” The report also covered the fact that B2B marketing and sales data providers (like Demandbase) can build and enhance the addressable market database, improve target market definition and ideal customer profiles, and increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and sales interactions. 

To qualify for this Landscape, providers must offer, at a minimum, firmographic and demographic (account and contact) data to support clients’ B2B marketing and sales databases across multiple industries. Most providers in the report also offer related services supporting data enrichment, unification, and storage, as well as additional data types, including technographic data (the use and purchase of technology products), funding data, or intent data. In addition to the core capabilities, Demandbase selected the following extended business scenarios as their top three: target market definition and sizing, ideal customer profiling, and data capture/form augmentation. 

Earlier this year, Demandbase was named in Forrester’s Account-Based Selling Technologies Landscape, Q2, 2023, and previously in Forrester’s B2B Sales Intelligence Vendors Landscape Report, Q3 2022, which Demandbase believes further demonstrates the breadth of the company’s offerings. 

To gain access to the full report (available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase), visit here

Demandbase Recognized in Marketing & Sales Data Providers for B2B Landscape Report
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