Demandbase Recognized in an Impressive 42 G2 Summer 2023 Reports; 31 as a Leader

The Smarter GTM™ company recognition reveals customer satisfaction with account-based analytics, buyer intent data, demand side platform, marketing account intelligence, sales intelligence, and more

(SAN FRANCISCO – June 14, 2023) — Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company that uses AI to help B2B organizations hit their revenue goals, today announced it has been recognized in 42 G2 Summer 2023 reports across 11 categories. The company was identified as a leader in 31 reports and noted in five for best relationship, two as a high performer, one for easiest doing business with and best relationship, one for easiest setup, one for highest user adoption, and one for easiest to use and best usability.

“Efficiently generating revenue using fewer resources is paramount for all B2B organizations today, and it’s exactly what Demandbase is all about,” says Brewster Stanislaw, chief product officer at Demandbase. “We work hard every day to make sellers’ and marketers’ lives easier and more productive. You see it in our recent innovations around prescriptive sales dashboards and Buying Group AI. So it’s rewarding to hear that customers are realizing the benefits we imagined, reflected in our presence as a leader in so many G2 reports.”

The G2 Grid® reports are determined according to the volume of positive reviews that a company receives, along with additional context from other reputable sources. Demandbase customers have been effusive in their praise for the Smarter Go-to-Market™ platform. This is a small sampling of comments from recent customer reviews:

  • “ABX Manager Approved”
    “Demandbase IS the leading ABM platform for a reason – Because they get it. They truly understand ABM principles and best practices, and they built their platform to align with those principles and best practices. They follow ITSMA principles more closely than any other platform and ITSMA is the organization that “invented” ABM. Demandbase is more than just a platform. Demandbase is your ABM strategy partner. Their employees are very knowledgeable; they train sales in ABM best practices which helps them work smarter; they train the marketing team on ABM principles to help them better reach their target accounts, and they help ensure close alignment between marketing and sales. The platform itself is very intuitive and designed with the user in mind.”
  • “Demandbase is my #1 can’t live without product”
    I have implemented Demandbase at 4 companies now and it is pivotal to a successful ABM and go-to-market strategy.

    • Fully customizable: unlike other ABM softwares, Demandbase doesn’t assume what success looks like for your company. No two companies are the same and Demandbase understands that. With the ability to fully customize your ABM funnel and give higher weight to specific personas and critical journey points, you can build a fully personalized model and push towards revenue-driving accounts quickly.
    • Clear and sophisticated interface: The interface allows you to clearly visualize accounts that are crucial to you and their journeys and engagements throughout the funnel. It is easy to use and simple to navigate.
    • Data-driven sales and marketing alignment: There is no more fighting between sales and marketing when the data speaks for itself! Easily visualize account movement, where accounts are engaging, and highlight accounts that are in-market for your tool right now. Sales will happily go after marketing selected accounts when they can see the engagement firsthand.
    • Integrates flawlessly into your existing tech stack: No one wants a tool that doesn’t work with tools you already have in place and luckily, Demandbase does! They seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, and many others to make sure the powerful data you see in Demandbase flows into all your other channels.
  • “My go-to tool for doing ABM the right way”
    “I like the most the fact that Demandbase are taking into consideration both the marketing team’s need to drive users down their funnel, but also align the needs with the sales team’s needs regarding getting the right information, tailor their sales pitch to the leads, and nurture them so they will be ready for their next step. Their tool can help with segmenting the right accounts/persons, using all data possible and allow us as marketers the ability to match laser-focused marketing messages especially for those segments to catch the leads that qualify for our needs.”

The Summer G2 Grid® reports are based on real user ratings and reveal which solutions have the most satisfied customers and largest market presence. To read current reviews, write your own review, and hear from other active Demandbase users, visit G2’s review page here. 

Demandbase Recognized in an Impressive 42 G2 Summer 2023 Reports; 31 as a Leader. Learn more:

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About Demandbase
Demandbase helps B2B companies hit their revenue goals using fewer resources. How? By using the power of AI to identify and engage the accounts and buying groups most likely to purchase, powered by combining your sales and marketing data with our validated B2B data  — what we call Account Intelligence. Better data makes better AI, that’s Smarter GTM™.

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