Demandbase at Adobe Summit | March 2012

Customers Avery Office Products, Cisco WebEx, and More to Discuss “Sweet Spot Marketing” During Summit’s Analytics and Reporting Session

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2012 – Demandbase, Inc., the real-time personalization and targeting platform for B2B, today announced that its customer David Maxson of Avery Office Products, along with CMO, Greg Ott, will present B2B success stories using the Sweet Spot Marketing strategy, at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit on March 21 at 2 p.m. PT. Titled “Not all web visitors are created equally – Learn how to target your sweet spot,” the session examines how measuring the effectiveness of your B2B online engagement is fundamentally different than B2C – and more challenging – but critical to serve the right message for the right audience.

“When business marketers find their marketing sweet spot, they are able to laser focus marketing programs on the web visitors that offer the highest probability of revenue, get their most valued customers engaged in real time, and achieve the best possible ROI,” said Ott. “As is demonstrated by Avery Office Products’ case study, finding its marketing sweet spot enabled the company to transform its corporate website from a static information support tool to a dynamic platform that stimulated customers to purchase new products.”

Due to Avery Office Products’ strong channel partner program, the company was often unable to communicate directly with the end customer and engage them at key interest points. By leveraging the Demandbase plugin to its Adoble SiteCatalyst analytics and Test & Target platform, Avery Office Products found new opportunities for revenue by learning that a high percentage of visitors came from industries unexpected and underserved on the site. With this knowledge, the company was able to deliver targeted offers to the right audience for improved engagement.

The Avery Office Products case study, as well as marketing success stories from other companies leveraging the Demandbase Real-Time Identification platform – Cisco WebEx, NetApp, Penton Media, and – is featured in the whitepaper here.

Demandbase will be offering free Sweet Spot conversion reports to Adobe Summit Attendees from March 20-23. To request your conversion report, visit Demandbase in Booth 105.