Demandbase Delivers The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX)

B2B Pioneer Shares Guidance & Insights into the Future of ABM and a Winning Go-To-Market

June 3, 2021

Demandbase, the B2B go-to-market leader, today announced the release of The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience. Written by Jon Miller, chief marketing and product officer at Demandbase, the book goes in-depth into everything industry leaders need to know about ABX. Miller has filled its pages with clear direction and wisdom from his decades of expertise in the B2B space, first as co-founder of Marketo and then as co-founder of Engagio, which was acquired by Demandbase in 2020.

The book also includes commentary from additional “ABXperts” who have deep knowledge in the space, like Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief at B2BMarketing, Megan Heuer, managing director at Winning by Design, Randy Frisch, chief marketing officer with Uberflip and many more. All of these insights into the future of ABM and go-to-market were handpicked to help B2B companies make the most of ABX and achieve their ideal business outcomes in a rapidly evolving environment.

“As someone who was part of launching the ABM movement, I realized there were holes in the approach,” says Miller. “My team and I at Demandbase discovered that the methodology was still far from customer-centric, which was only hurting buyers and businesses alike. So we defined the idea of ABX to combine the precision of traditional ABM with the customer focus found in the Customer Experience (CX) movement. This guide gives readers direct access to our collective experience, firsthand knowledge, and insider tips so they can maximize their ABX go-to-market. Doing so can be truly transformational, and my hope is that our book helps them experience that.”

The 250+ page book provides a comprehensive dive into the challenges practitioners face in engaging and converting buyers in the B2B space, what ABX really is, its benefits, and how the methodology solves common challenges. It also covers account journeys, the styles of ABX, and branding. Readers can expect to find definitions, examples, worksheets, and practical guidance around implementation, ABX technology, avoiding mistakes, and maximizing investments, in addition to interactive templates and worksheets.

The heart of the book is centered on the five ABX processes required for success, and details a 360-degree view of each, including:

  • Building the account data foundation
  • Finding accounts that matter
  • Engaging accounts (through understanding, personalization, advertising, interactions & orchestration)
  • Closing opportunities by aligning marketing and sales
  • Measuring account progress

Demandbase has cemented its reputation as the definitive B2B go-to-market leader. Demandbase One is the first of its kind, full B2B go-to-market suite that provides the data for a comprehensive understanding of accounts, the decisioning to engage the right accounts and people with the right message at the right time, and the delivery capabilities to take action across multiple channels.

To download The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience, please visit here or to request a Demandbase One demo, please click here.

Today @Demandbase announces the release of The Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience written by CMO @JonMiller. Download your copy now:

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