Demandbase Releases New Intent Preview for Customers and Prospects to Explore the Power of Its Data

The company offers an alternative to “black box” intent with precise, relevant signals from trustworthy content

(SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 27, 2024) — Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), today announced its new intent data preview. The preview was created for prospective customers who want to see the value of the company’s robust intent data for prioritizing accounts, developing personalized outreach, and influencing buying groups early in their journey. In the preview, users can see the top 10 results that match their search criteria, which include industry, revenue range, and specific keyword sets. Demandbase intent data is industry-leading, derived from 3+ million monitored sites, 550k+ intent keywords, and 1+ trillion intent signals per month. 

“Intent data unveils customers’ interests outside of our own websites,” said Alexander Bayer, ABM manager with Merck KGaA in Germany. “We not only use it to target our ABX ads precisely, but also to build environments that help our sales teams use that data.”

Demandbase intent delivers extensive coverage across B2B accounts while maintaining a high bar of accuracy that requires exact keyword matches, unlike broad “black box” approaches. In more detail, Demandbase intent customers will benefit from: 

  • Accurate intent signals. Demandbase sources intent from data partners and its own bidstream of relevant, trusted B2B publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, and many others, leveraging best-in-class AI relevance models to reduce false positives and maximize coverage. Its unique keyword-based approach enables customers to track research on exact companies, competitors, and product terms across the B2B web.
  • Being able to pinpoint accounts that are truly interested and relevant by creating unlimited keyword sets specific to the company’s products or competitors and by discovering accounts that are not yet in the customers’ CRM.
  • Global intent data. Demandbase offers 133 languages and supports non-Latin-based alphabets to  help identify the right buying group. 
  • Adding their own data or integrating data from Demandbase partners like Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, and others — because more signal leads to more in-depth insights and greater precision when it comes to intent data. 

In addition, when using the Demandbase One™ platform, customers will be able to combine intent data with other first and third-party account and contact engagement data to surface the accounts that are truly in market and ready to buy. 

“We’ve seen the proof time and time again of how powerful our intent data is when it comes to improving the accuracy of identifying priority accounts and determining the next best go-to-market action,” said Bill Cao, principal product manager at Demandbase. “Sales and marketing users can see very concretely what content is being researched, and from where, to tailor their strategy and messaging. Our new preview will show that power to customers who haven’t yet had a chance to use the data. We’re pleased that more teams will get to see the benefits, so they can use it to hit their revenue goals more efficiently.” 

Access the preview by clicking ​​here

Demandbase Releases New Intent Preview for Customers and Prospects to Explore the Power of Its Data. Learn more:

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