What is Marketing Orchestration?

Deliver More Effective Campaigns Through Marketing Orchestration


If you compare your latest marketing campaign’s performance to an orchestra concert, would it sound like beautiful, synchronized music or a cacophony of alarm bells? Or somewhere in between?

Maybe you’ve been on a marketing or sales team where the efforts felt out of sync, like various instruments playing at the wrong time or even the wrong notes. Without implementing a marketing orchestration practice of coordinated cross-channel interactions, campaigns may feel like a bit of a mess.

In this guide, you’ll discover all you need to know about marketing orchestration to get everyone on the same page to deliver a performance your CMO and Mozart would be proud of.

What is marketing orchestration?

Marketing orchestration is the coordination of activities, programs, and campaigns across all marketing and sales channels to create a personalized account experience. It empowers revenue teams to optimize different tactics, including advertising, email, direct mail, and social media, in a synchronized way across the buyer journey.

At a high level, marketing orchestration helps go-to-market (GTM) teams create more creative content, deliver more effective campaigns quicker, and lower costs. Target accounts also benefit from a more cohesive and relevant buying experience.

While implementing marketing orchestration has many advantages, you may not attain them without clean data. Before getting started, review your CRM and sales engagement platform’s data for duplicate, inaccurate, irrelevant, or improperly formatted information and fix those issues. Once rectified, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of an orchestration practice.

Benefits of marketing orchestration

With marketing orchestration, GTM teams can share one single source of truth for account objectives, activities, and results. This unified effort solves critical challenges in B2B marketing and sales and yields better outcomes. Check out the deets in the carousel below.


Improve channel performance

When your marketing orchestration strategy uses Account Intelligence as the single source of truth across your activations, you get a clear picture of channel performance and insights to optimize your return on investment.


Make customers happier

A unified effort across teams results in more proactive outreach and faster response time to problems, leading to more successful client partnerships.


Get more qualified leads and accounts

Organizations that execute marketing and SDR orchestrated campaigns typically realize a 30-50% lift in meetings set at target accounts, with some organizations reporting a 100% increase.


Reduce waste

Marketers can nurture deals in a personalized, relevant, and contextual way, so that fewer deals waste away in limbo between the opportunity stage and close.


Reengage stalled opportunities

With the non-linear journey of the B2B buyer, an account that has stopped engaging is not lost. With orchestrations, you can reengage at the magical moment when the are receptive for more outreach.


Nurture accounts where they are

With if-then orchestrated motions, you can make sure your contacts and accounts experience the same flow of information, regardless of what platform they are on.

Want to get started with marketing orchestration? Download The B2B Marketing & Sales Orchestration Playbook today for everything you need.

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What does marketing orchestration look like in practice?

Now that you know the benefits of marketing orchestration, it’s helpful to see what it looks like in practice.

Say a target account contact enters their email address into one of your website forms to download a gated asset and subscribe to your newsletter. From there, your marketing team has an email marketing automation set up, triggering an onboarding campaign. When that contact opens an email in the flow, your orchestration software adds them to a customized, segmented audience for you to target with social, programmatic, and other ads. You can track what they click on via your CRM and use that data to serve up relevant offers at the best possible opportunities for conversion.


Software for marketing orchestration

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? The easiest way to implement a marketing orchestration practice is through marketing orchestration software. While there are many tools for coordinating your marketing and sales efforts, none of them inject Account Intelligence into the strategy as Demandbase does.

Demandbase’s Account-Based Orchestration helps you drive meaningful interactions across channels, departments, and complex audience segments in a personalized and meaningful way. Set up automated workflows, create audiences dynamically, automate multi-channel actions, and manage data all in one platform.

See how Demandbase’s Account-Based Orchestration works

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Streamline your go-to-market efforts with marketing orchestration

Marketing orchestration takes a directionless marketing strategy and turns it into a hyper-focused, results-driven approach that gets all channels working harmoniously. It leads to more thoughtful, data-driven campaigns that are cost-efficient and more effective.

Demandbase empowers companies to orchestrate their GTM efforts, helping you go after opportunities earlier and progress them faster.

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