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Uncovering the Truth About Account-Based Strategies in Europe

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Everything you need to know about account-based strategies in Europe, at your fingertips.

Today’s B2B buyer journeys are almost entirely digital, and let’s face it, the winners are those who most effectively use data and insight to master these complex, anonymous journeys.

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Unlock the secrets to account-based success, as told by Sales and Marketing leaders from world renowned B2B companies. This report has it all.

What’s inside?

  • A review of the maturity of account based strategies across different European markets.
  • An insight into how European Marketing and Sales teams have overcome their pain points through effective ABM evolution.
  • An overview of how leading companies have worked to overcome GTM fragmentation through working smarter, not harder.

Bring the findings to life!

We hosted a webinar on March 17th, where our experts weighed in on the findings of the report, and gave recommendations based on the evidence. If you’re part of an EMEA-based team, or are simply looking to understand the maturity of account-based principles within this region, you’ll benefit from these unique insights.

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