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The B2B playbook for post-cookie preparedness

Learn how targeting and measurement is being impacted by 3rd party cookie deprecation in Chrome and what tools and strategies Marketers need to understand today.

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All About Intent

Learn how intent data can help you find and engage in-market accounts.

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Finding The Right Targets

Which accounts are the right accounts? Learn how to identify your TAM, ICP, and Target Account List to help your revenue teams succeed

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Demandbase and GA4

Learn how Demandbase uses GA4 reports and our new implementation recommendations for optimizing the integration.

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Using Journey Stages and Journey Compare Mode

Learn how to easily compare metrics like volume, velocity and conversion for each account list at each stage in the journey

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Using Workspaces

Learn how you can create a separate workspaces and deliver unique data to each of your business units while still allowing for reporting at a global level.

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Using The Demandbase iFrame To Deliver Sales Insights In Your CRM

Learn how Sellers can leverage Demandbase insights without leaving their CRM.

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Using Demandbase Data Pre- and Post-Sales

Learn how intent, technographics, and account intelligence insights add value at every stage of the sales cycle.

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Aligning Sales And Marketing Through Data

Data management and metrics play an important role in aligning sales and marketing. Hear how we do it at Demandbase.

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Connected TV Video Advertising

Learn how to to deliver video ads to target accounts on 175+ publishers including HULU, Tubi, Pluto TV, and more.

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Predictive Modeling For Better Targeting

Learn how Pipeline Predict and Qualification Scores improve account targeting and pipeline planning.

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