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About Us

Demandbase is passionately dedicated to helping B2B marketers achieve greater business impact. Our journey began almost a decade ago, when we started mapping IP addresses to companies. This focus on helping marketers identify and target their most important accounts paved the way for the creation of the Account-Based Marketing category. Since then, we have continued to lead the way by helping marketers leverage innovative technologies to solve their greatest challenges and drive results. We now offer the most comprehensive set of ABM solutions on the market.

Our success is based on three areas of focus:
1) continue to expand and refine one of the largest B2B databases in the world,
2) never stop innovating our products and technology, and
3) always be an advocate for B2B marketers.

We continue to live up to these ideals, expanding our technology to include Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other tools to help companies scale their ABM strategies.

At Demandbase, we truly believe that we are in a golden age for B2B marketers, with new innovations regularly disrupting the way we acquire and retain customers.


“Demandbase is transforming the way B2B companies market and sell. We are committed to helping companies increase revenue by aligning their sales and marketing efforts around target accounts.”

Chris Golec

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