NaviSite Feeds Entire Funnel With Clean, Enriched Data & Sales Intelligence

Company Size
2000 employees
International; Headquarters in Andover, MA
Sales Intelligence Cloud & Data Cloud: Data Integrity
In their words.
“All those kinds of things — reps’ confidence in the data and tools, satisfaction in their jobs, reduced turnover — really add up in the end to a product that’s worth more than its weight."
Matt Norris
Sales Operations Specialist

Top 3 Results

  • Lean, clean database: Identified duplicates and reduced account records by 85%, contacts by 66%, and leads by 50%
  • Boosted adoption: 97% of reps use Sales Intelligence Cloud at least once a week and 80+% use it every day
  • Saved $50,000 they would have spent on a consultant to generate account plans

The Head Scratcher

NaviSite provides a host of services for enterprises looking to outsource IT infrastructure. They have literally hundreds of offerings and rely on their CRM data to identify which prospects they should target with which products.

The problem was they had just merged four companies together when they began working with Demandbase and their data was a kludgy mess. “It was a nightmare,” declared Matt Norris, Sales Operations Specialist at NaviSite. “We had six account records for every account, lots of duplicate contacts and leads, and an amalgamation of processes for maintaining the data — some good and some not so good.”

NaviSite uses company size and industry data to identify prospects that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP) and to know which solution and go-to-market strategy fits best. Without reliable data, their reps wasted hours doing research and still often missed the mark.

Matt’s #1 priority was to clean up the data.

What’d They Do?

NaviSite began researching data providers and chose Demandbase. They started with a few licenses of Sales Intelligence Cloud for a handful of sales reps. Once they saw how rich the data was and how easy it was to use, they expanded their number of licenses and added Data Integrity — Demandbase’s automated data management solution within the Data Cloud.

The first order of business was to clean up their CRM data. They used Data Integrity to remove all the duplicate records from their bloated database, and then to clean, refresh, and enrich the remaining data. With a smaller, cleaner database, plus additional insights from Sales Intelligence Cloud — such as intent signals and technographic data — their reps now trust the data and most use it every day. In addition to the automated data refresh that comes with Data Integrity, the sales team keeps their own records up-to-date using the one-click CRM refresh feature in Sales Intelligence Cloud.

Today NaviSite’s sales and marketing teams are using their CRM data — cleaned and augmented by Demandbase — to fuel their funnel from top to bottom.

  • They use company size, industry, and technographics — information about the technologies a company uses — to identify their ideal targets and determine what solutions they may need. Technographics, in particular, are proving helpful in identifying their whitespace.
  • They build specialized outreach campaigns based on technographics and trending intent topics. Matt describes the value of the intent data this way, “If it’s a topic the prospect is researching and it’s a topic we offer, that’s a good indication for us to get ahead of the sale. It’s like reading the customer’s mind in terms of what they actually want.”
  • They uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities using the same.

One of their favorite features is the list building capability in Sales Intelligence Cloud that sales and marketing use to build highly targeted prospect and campaign lists. “The reps really get excited that they can find basically whatever customers they want right at their fingertips” glowed Matt.

Recently, Navisite has also started using family trees to surface new opportunities and generate account plans that leverage one existing relationship to reach out to other related accounts and get warm introductions.

Why Demandbase?

When Matt began his research, he quickly narrowed the field to two providers — ZoomInfo and Demandbase. He chose Demandbase because of the friendly user interface. As he put it, “Everything was exactly where you would expect it to be. There wasn’t really much of a learning curve, which was surprising for a tool as robust and potentially complex as a data cleansing tool.” The sales reps also found Sales Intelligence Cloud extremely intuitive.

How’d They Do?

NaviSite has been overjoyed with the results of using Demandbase Data Integrity and Sales Intelligence Cloud. They’ve:

  • Reduced the size of their database beyond expectations.
    After merging and purging duplicate records from their database, they had 85% fewer account records, 66% fewer contact records, and half as many leads. Not only does this cut CRM data storage costs and save time managing the data, with a much smaller, cleaner database and clear data management processes in place, NaviSite’s sales reps now have confidence in the data. Matt said it best, “You almost can’t put a price on that kind of confidence, because when reps are confident in their job, when they’re comfortable with the business processes, when they’re comfortable with the tools they use, then they’re going to have high job satisfaction and lower turnover.”
  • Eliminated hours of manual research
    With reliable company firmographics, technographics, and intent data at their fingertips, NaviSite sales reps have all the data they need to know who they should target, what they should sell, and when they should reach out. Likewise, the marketing team can target and time their outreach campaigns to bring more qualified prospects into the top of the funnel.
  • Saved approximately $50,000 on generating account plans
    Before realizing that Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud’s family trees could be used to generate account plans, NaviSite was planning to hire a consultant at about $50K, specifically for that purpose. Now they’re building account plans around the family trees, turning one relationship into multiple opportunities in related companies, using the contact data to uncover decision-makers, and tapping into the connections feature to get warm introductions.
  • Drove off-the-charts adoption
    NaviSite sales reps use two tools every day, according to Matt, their CRM and Demandbase. “We have a pretty exceptional adoption rate,” remarked Matt modestly as he shared their stats. “97% of reps use the Demandbase sales intelligence solution at least once a week and 80+% use it every day.”

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