In a head-to-head matchup with 6sense, who is the best choice for your ABM?
Let us show you.

Demandbase One is the leading account-based solution.

Demandbase One is the only comprehensive B2B go-to-market suite — providing the most complete data, the most optimized ad platform, and the most actionable sales intelligence in one unified place. So you can build, find, engage, and close deals faster.

But don’t just take our word for it.

This Demandbase customer took a comprehensive look at the other options and said, “No thank you.”

Compare yourself

Demandbase has built a holistic solution that allows our customers to think big, start fast, and adapt nimbly. It’s a much different approach than other ABM platforms take — because it’s what our customers need. Seriously, here is how Demandbase stays in first place, and beats 6sense in every way that matters.

The Best Account Identification

Demandbase deploys the most mature and complete data science process to maximize the scale and, more importantly, the accuracy of account identification when observing the anonymous world of website traffic.

In the last 10 account identification bake-offs against 6sense, Demandbase has won 70% of the time due to recent account-level identification innovations and improvements.

6sense continues to push exaggerated claims and uses selective statistics to convey their account identification is the best in the business. In reality, they rely on third-party partners and have built brand new identification models that have yet to fix the data science problems we solved years ago.

As a result of these immature models, 6sense continues to inflate match rates at the expense of accuracy, just to compete in our market. False account identification produces the same problem as inaccurate intent: a domino effect of bad decisions that causes wasted Marketing and Sales resources.

A Custom-Built Advertising DSP

Demandbase has the only proprietary DSP built for B2B, allowing for complete control over every impression. This has become the most optimal channel for scalable B2B programmatic advertising that exists.

Demandbase offers both managed services and a self-serve portal where our customers can define campaign specifics and advertise to the buying committees.

Demandbase takes a high-quality impression and high-volume approach to advertising. This is represented by a slightly higher CPM.

6sense is a broker for a consumer DSP called AppNexus. All account-level organization breaks down when audiences are taken out of the 6sense platform — AppNexus has no concept of accounts and only knows user-level targeting. Any account-level reporting sent back to the 6sense platform is very limited and opaque.

By not using a DSP built for B2B, 6sense uses an inefficient bidder that optimizes each impression based on cost savings, instead of targeting the correct accounts and individuals in the buying committee. 6sense is also unable to correctly load balance impressions to every account within a campaign. This causes the biggest accounts to suck up a disproportionate share of the impressions, crowding out the other accounts.

Don’t settle for what they call a “good enough” solution: their low-quality impression and high-volume approach — cloaked in a less expensive CPM.

The Fastest Predictive Scoring Implementation

In less than 24 hours, you receive fully trained predictive models that can evolve and adapt. We also support multiple predictive models at no extra cost.

Demandbase relies on just a few customer inputs. Our AI does the rest to make sense of the potentially millions of data signals that measure the immediate opportunity potential and account fit for any given product.

6sense requires about two months to implement each of their “out-of-the-box” models, with heavy hands-on requirements from you.

6sense also charges between $20,000 - $50,000 for additional models and $5,000 in services, since they build each model manually. A manually built model does not allow for flexibility, specifically when changes in your market occur.

The Most Accurate and Scalable Intent

Demandbase sources 18x more volume of intent while having better accuracy and granularity of keywords. We utilize AI and natural language processing that extracts intent from the readable content on pages.

And the scalability of intent allows for a higher degree of accuracy, which allows for more complete and correct predictive models. Also, taking intent behaviors from visible content on the page minimizes false positives.

6sense sources intent strictly through outside companies, such as Bombora (which Demandbase also partners with). They also have created basic “web-crawlers” that read SEO-related metadata within the hidden html of pages. (They partner with “ShareThis” for access to this data.) Intent behaviors should not come from meta tags.

The inaccurate nature of the data creates sub-optimal predictive models and sends incorrect signals to Sales reps. This is the complete opposite of the intended benefit of intent data.

Fully Customizable Journey Stages

Demandbase offers the only out-of-the-box Journey Stages that are also 100% customizable. This means you can hit the ground running, or you can fully customize stages that match your business reality.

Additionally, Demandbase offers support for post-customer stages, which can help identify growth opportunities and prepare renewals.

You will need to fully trust how 6sense classifies accounts. If a sales rep provides negative feedback on why an account was staged a certain way, you’ll have no recourse on making sure it doesn’t happen again.

You will also not have the ability to stage accounts for post-sale growth opportunities. 6sense completely ignores your customer base, which is one of the most important aspects of a revenue engine.

Deeper Activity Tracking

Demandbase autologs activity across customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions and email inboxes. Logging activity directly from email servers means we don’t rely on logged sales activity in Salesforce.

This means Demandbase is not blind to the rich email activity. With this data, predictive models are much more accurate. Additionally, sales alerts are trusted more by the sales teams.

6sense relies on logged activity within CRM and MAP. Since they’re blind to non-logged activity, it begs the question of how accurate their predictive models are and how they stage the accounts.

Sales reps using 6sense will not have access to the full email communication history of any given account and buying committee. Key insights will slip through the cracks as a result and sellers will waste time tracking information down, taking precious productivity resources away.

Deeper Segmentation Opportunities

Demandbase Selectors have hundreds of fields synced multiple times a day across a variety of sources — giving you access to detailed account characteristics.

One of the main reasons revenue operation teams choose Demandbase over 6sense is that we have “activities,” “relationships,” and “change data value” segmentation options. These are incredibly powerful, opening many use-case opportunities to boost productivity.

Let’s just say segmentation is deeply limited with 6sense. Along with a significantly smaller amount of segmentation options, their data sync options are minimal.

Basic segmentation filters are available. However, as your ABM maturity increases, you will not have the technology available to keep up. Oftentimes, you will need to wait overnight for their ABM platform to catch up with data changes across different systems.

The Best Data Strategy

Demandbase’s data is secured for the long-term thanks to the recent acquisitions of InsideView and DemandMatrix. These two key acquisitions have increased both the quantity and accuracy of firmographic, technographic, and contact data.

This data enables better predictive models, account segmentation, and sales intelligence, globally.

Other ABM vendors actually use InsideView and DemandMatrix data to power their solutions. They may choose to re-architect their solutions to use different data sources, but they won’t be as high-quality as what Demandbase provides.

The top companies in the world are fans of Demandbase because of the results they’ve achieved.

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  • Alicia S
    Digital Marketing Manager
    The biggest problem we're solving with Demandbase is account prioritization. With the platform, we've been able to zero in on high-value accounts and understand what they're looking for and what's most important to them.
  • Brianne K
    Demand Generation Manager, Mid Market
    Increasing awareness and further increasing our reach within our target account lists. By using Demandbase we are able to reach our target audience in a different channel that does not require their email address. It provides valuable insights into who our target accounts are searching for, and allows for us to be positioned as a thought leader.
  • Rahul P
    Mid Market
    Our main use case was intent data for existing accounts and building new target account lists. Demandbase is surfacing a lot of data points which really helped us focus on the right accounts at the right time.
  • Suzanne D
    Founder & Chief Strategist, Mid Market
    The team at Demandbase has been consistently excellent; from trial onto implementation. The tool and the insights they provide us - intent topic rating combined with pages visited on our site - are invaluable in determining who might be the best potential sales prospects. This has completely revamped our approach to different segments and significantly shortened our sales cycle time.

Check out all the fab reviews on

Check out all the fab reviews on

An unfair advantage

We’ve stacked our platform with the best capabilities for your needs.

With the most significant acquisitions in ABM history (Engagio + DemandMatrix + InsideView), Demandbase One was formed — delivering four clouds that provide the end-to-end solutions B2B companies are looking for in their go-to-market. And you can pick and choose any of the solutions — ABX Cloud, Data Cloud, Advertising Cloud, and Sales Intelligence Cloud — in any combination to meet the growing needs of your businesses.

Need more proof?

Demandbase was recently named the global leader in ABM.

Research In Action, a leading independent research and consulting company based In Germany, shows how Demandbase is #1. Check out their report Vendor Selection Matrix: Account-Based Marketing.

This is the only serious analyst review that’s been published since the release of the Demandbase One platform and is up to date with the most current developments in the B2B technology space. All other analyst reviews and rankings are outdated since they are based on the old Demandbase platform.

Demandbase was recently named the global leader in ABM.

Oh, and not a single customer has left Demandbase One for a competitor, including 6sense.
Game over. You win.