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Get to Know Dr Mariia Golub

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Grid Dynamics


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Dr Mariia Golub is a powerhouse in work and life. An educator, working professional, and mother of a young son, she has Master’s degrees in economics, English philology, and management, and a Ph.D. in economics. She was a tour guide in her hometown of Yalta, Ukraine at age 11, in University by age 16, and working with her city council’s ambassador program while a student. She loves to solve puzzles and is a city quest champion. Infectiously positive, she dives deeply into everything she puts her mind to. If ever you get to meet her, her zeal will rub off on you.

As Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for Grid Dynamics, she is using Demandbase One™ to achieve results like these:

  • Driving awareness with target accounts through account-based advertising
  • Boosting onsite engagement from target accounts through personalization
  • Increasing alignment between sales and marketing via unified account-based insights
  • Helping their salespeople prospect and close business faster
  • Increasing pipeline and revenue from target accounts

Mariia earned her Demandbase Champion’s badge because of her deep knowledge of ABM and digital marketing, her unquenchable thirst to keep learning all she can about the industry and its technology, and her desire to share her learnings with the greater community.

Want to know more about Demandbase Champion Mariia Golub? Check out the full interview below.

Demandbase: As a Ph.D. in Econ, what attracted you to the world of digital marketing?

Mariia: I was teaching at University in the Marketing department and I realized that I couldn’t just teach theory, I needed to practice to fully understand. I started taking marketing courses about SEO, paid media, and digital marketing and fell in love with it, especially paid media. I made the leap to work in the field, while also continuing to teach.

Demandbase: Please share a bit about Grid Dynamics and any unique challenges you have running an ABM program there?

Mariia: Grid Dynamics provides digital transformation consulting and implementation services to Fortune 1000 companies in omnichannel customer experience, big data analytics, search, artificial intelligence, cloud & devops, and application modernization. As you might guess, we have a lot of competition in our space, so my biggest challenge is to differentiate our brand. I need to be unique and more proactive than others, so our clients see us and learn to trust us.

Demandbase: Why did you apply to be a champion?

Mariia: Deciding to apply was a challenge for me because I’m a perfectionist. I questioned how I could be a champion if everything wasn’t operating optimally. However, after reviewing the prerequisites — being an active user in the Demandbase Community and demonstrating a strong commitment and enthusiasm for ABM — I felt more confident. My Demandbase customer success manager also encouraged me and that played a significant role in my decision to proceed.

Life is short — I’ve learned that from living in Ukraine. So I decided, ‘Why not apply? I figured if I win, I will be happy. If not, that’s OK, because I tried. That has become my motto for life.

Demandbase: What have been the highlights of your career?

Mariia: There have been several noteworthy highlights that I’m particularly proud of. First, within just three years of starting my professional journey, I progressed to the role of a Team Leader. Another highlight is the depth and breadth of my work experience. I’ve engaged in intensive roles across different domains and products. This varied exposure has not only enriched my skills and knowledge, but also made me a more versatile professional, capable of adapting to diverse business contexts. Another highlight was working with the top 5 leaders in the retail sector in Ukraine. To sum it up, these highlights encapsulate a career marked by rapid growth, diverse experiences, high-profile collaborations, and ongoing professional development.

Demandbase: What do you like most about your current role?

Mariia: I’m able to continually expand my knowledge and see the real results of my job. I have the opportunity to think strategically, build strong, meaningful relationships with high-value accounts, understand their unique needs and challenges, based on data and analytics. This is very satisfying to me.

Demandbase: Where do you want to grow from here?

Mariia: The ABM landscape is continually evolving, driven by new technologies and changing buyer behaviors. I want to have the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends and technologies, which can be thrilling for someone who enjoys innovation and learning. Of course, I also want to have a greater impact on company revenue, and I want to be able to see the direct results of our efforts quicker.

Demandbase: Any advice for others who aspire to be an ABM superstar?

Mariia: Embarking on your ABM journey does not need to be daunting! Avoid analysis paralysis and start taking steps, however small. Focus initially on your ideal customer profile and select campaigns strategically — remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Demonstrating ROI early can help you scale up your efforts over time. And learn to love data. It’s a crucial component in this process. So, get started and let your ABM journey unfold!

Demandbase: What interests do you have outside of work? What do you do to reduce stress?

Mariia: Outside of work, I cherish the time I spend with my family. We love to explore the outdoors through hiking, traveling, and simple park visits. These activities not only allow us to bond, but also help me unwind and rejuvenate.

Additionally, I have a fondness for activities that stimulate my mind, such as puzzles and escape rooms. I find the challenge they present intriguing and satisfying. The mental engagement required not only offers a fun diversion from daily routines, but also serves as a stress reliever for me. So, in essence, my method of reducing stress involves a blend of quality family time and engaging in mentally stimulating pursuits.

Demandbase: What is something unique and unexpected about you?

Mariia: An unexpected and unique aspect about me is rooted in my origins and early work experience. I hail from Yalta, a beautiful resort city located in the southern part of Ukraine. From the age of 11, I took up the mantle of a local guide, helping visitors explore and appreciate the richness of my hometown.

While a student in Kharkiv, situated in eastern Ukraine, I took on a distinctive role working with the city council. In this role, I had the honor and privilege of taking the city’s partnership guests and ambassadors on sight-seeing excursions.

Demandbase: What is your superpower? Or said another way, what aspect of your personality helps you be most successful in your job?

Mariia: People often find it surprising that I manage to keep an unwaveringly positive attitude, even when working under pressure. This positivity is not just a personality trait, but also a tool that helps me navigate challenging situations and inspire those around me. In addition, my time management skills are not only exceptional, but rather unique in their own right. It’s not just about ticking off tasks on a list for me, it’s about structuring my day in a way that maximizes productivity and allows room for creativity and innovation. In a nutshell, I am a relentlessly positive person, with exceptional time management skills, and a distinctive approach to work.

A side note from Demandbase: Be sure to check out the recording of Mariia’s popular Ask Me Anything on Demandbase Advertising! You may find the recording here.

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