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Senior Program Manager, ABM, Martech & Paid Media, Seagate


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Dan Cafiero is an accomplished blogger, podcaster and speaker in the ABM and martech communities, where he has firmly established himself as a go-to authority. With a deep curiosity, fearless nature, and a passion for solving problems with technology, he’s always willing to offer advice on martech / revtech solutions and best practices, as an active participant in more than a dozen professional communities, including Pavilion and RevGenius, among others.

“It was a pleasure to share the stage with Dan at B2BMX this year. He’s more than a thoughtful practitioner of ABM and its many related go-to-market elements, he knows how to put theory into action and he’s a master of using technology to deliver results. If you ever get a chance to hear Dan speak, I suggest you jump on it.” John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget

As Senior Program Manager for Seagate’s ABM, Martech & Paid Media, Dan orchestrates campaigns through Demandbase One™, tapping into its insights to personalize his messaging, drive awareness, and propel engaged accounts through the sales funnel with unrivaled speed. Under his leadership, Seagate’s sales and marketing teams work together seamlessly to optimize their use of the platform and amplify the impact of their ABM strategies, achieving remarkable results like these:

  • Increased TAM by 40% with Demandbase audience generator
  • Increased sales-ready leads (SRLs) by 38%
  • Imported 20K intent signals to enhance his Demandbase One™ scoring models, resulting in increased engagement, sales productivity, and more
  • Grew platform usage by 233% YoY

Dan was chosen as a Demandbase Champion because of his active participation in the Demandbase Community and his leadership in the broader marketing and ABM communities.

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Demandbase: How did your professional journey begin?

Dan: I had an exciting and rapid start to my marketing career. I was fortunate to be able to intern at several startups while studying at Franklin & Marshall College, and quickly made my way up through the ranks. After graduating, I had the privilege of working at several ad agencies, including Grey Healthcare Group, part of the esteemed Grey Advertising Global. I immersed myself in the world of digital marketing and advertising, collaborating with notable healthcare and tech brands such as Allergan, Intel, and Citrix, gaining valuable experience along the way.

I eventually made the leap to the client side and four years later, was building my second ABM program from the ground up at Seagate, spanning North America, EMEA, and Asia/Pacific.

Demandbase: This past year has been pretty spectacular for you. Would you mind sharing the highlights with us?

Dan: I’d be happy to. This past year, I’ve really expanded my ABM skill set and gained some prominence as a speaker and author in the industry, which is pretty exciting and humbling. Some of the highlights have been speaking at B2BMX and in academic settings, such as U.C. Berkeley classes. I received very complimentary remarks from Shira Abel after my lecture there. She said, “Dan’s contribution as a guest speaker in my ‘Marketing for Technology Startups’ class at the University of California, Berkeley was highly valuable. He shared insightful knowledge on data and account-based marketing, using the Demandbase platform as a practical example. His ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable manner was appreciated by all. Dan’s lecture was informative and engaging, making him a commendable guest speaker.”

I’m also really proud of being recognized as a Demandbase Champion and the Seagate Sales and Marketing Champion, in the same year!

Demandbase: What’s your superpower? Or said another way, what aspect of your personality helps you be most successful in your job?

Dan: I’m able to bring a strategic perspective to every aspect of my work, while also paying meticulous attention to detail. I’m always fine-tuning my approach to optimize results. And I’ve adopted a philosophy of “extreme ownership” that fosters accountability and empowers my teams to reach new heights. I also have an insatiable curiosity, which drives me to delve deeply into diverse subjects, keeping me at the forefront of ABM practices.

Demandbase: Any advice for others who aspire to be an ABM superstar?

Dan: I emphasize three key pillars: digital activation, marketing automation, and sales enablement. These pillars form the foundation for ABM success, empowering marketers to effectively activate digital channels, streamline marketing processes through automation, and enable sales teams with the necessary tools and resources. By embracing these pillars, marketers can elevate their ABM strategies to new heights, driving impactful results and achieving excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of account-based marketing.

Demandbase: What interests do you have outside of work? What do you do to reduce stress?

Dan: My interests are pretty varied. I enjoy going to the gym (Equinox), hiking, surfing, travel, art and museums, reading a good book (who wants to read a bad one?), listening to podcasts and doing yoga – I’m definitely a foodie.

Demandbase: Anything else you’d like us to know about your ABM program or what makes you tick?

Dan: I’ll just summarize by saying that it’s been an extraordinary ride in my career so far, and I think my success and diverse experience are a testament to the transformative potential of being curious and unafraid to jump in and try new things. I love technology and embrace every opportunity to maximize what can be done with the tech I have. I love being looked to as an expert. I’m always open to talking with anyone who wants to know how to harness more of the power Demandbase has to offer.

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