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Get to Know Brittney Hamer

Director, Campaign Marketing, Gainwell Technologies


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As Director of Campaign Marketing at Gainwell Technologies, Brittney’s core focus is on increasing engagement. She loves the rich analytics at the heart of account based marketing, which she utilizes to bolster the effectiveness of sales teams. “Dig into the data,” Brittney recommends, “there is usually a pretty awesome story hidden in there.” When not at work, Brittney loves spending time outdoors in Texas with her 18-month-old son and husband.

Brittney’s steadfast commitment to ABM and Demandbase ensures that Gainwell remains visible to potential customers in an industry where RFP blackout periods pose significant challenges. What Brittney appreciates most about Demandbase One™ are the precise analytics about account and prospects’ intent, engagement, and site visits, which allow her sales team to make decisions based on continually up-to-date market data. For Gainwell, Demandbase has:

  • Increased sales team efficiency through account snapshots of engagement across all accounts
  • Decreased review time for metrics with easy-to-use functionality
  • Increased engagement on the display ad network
  • Scaled account-based programs with automation across MarTech and RevTech channels

Brittney applied to be a Demandbase Champion due to her love of the platform, the voluminous evidence of its effectiveness, and a desire to mentor others in Demandbase’s capabilities.

Want to know more about Champion Brittney Hamer? Check out the full interview below.

Brittney applied to be a Demandbase Champion due to her love of the platform, the voluminous evidence of its effectiveness, and a desire to mentor others in Demandbase’s capabilities.

Want to know more about Champion Brittney Hamer? Check out the full interview below.

Demandbase: Can you share a bit about Gainwell and any unique challenges you have running an ABM program there?

Brittney: Gainwell Technologies, formerly part of DXC Technology, emerged in the U.S. State and Local Health and Human Services industry in late 2020 and acquired HMS Healthcare and Technology Services in 2021. While Gainwell and HMS had a 50-year history, prospects needed to be made aware of the solutions and expertise we offer at Gainwell. We also experienced marketing challenges as RFP blackout periods hindered our outreach to potential clients. Demandbase has played an outsized role in overcoming these challenges. We’ve been able to serve up ads directly to those prospects and keep our message fresh and visible. Demandbase provides campaign performance metrics within accounts, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions. Display ads pushed out through the platform foster engagement and give the sales team valuable insights. Metrics on intent, engagement, and site visits help us continuously refine our messaging and approach.

Demandbase: How did you hear about Demandbase? Was your company already using ABM technology when you came on board, or did you help to bring in the technology?

Brittney: I heard about Demandbase a few years before onboarding the platform. I was an Engagio user, and when I switched companies, we decided to onboard Engagio as well as Demandbase. Little did we know that Demandbase’s acquisition of Engagio was already in the works. Once Demandbase One rolled out, it was the best of both worlds!

Demandbase: Why did you apply to be a Champion?

Brittney: I have been a big proponent of Demandbase and its capabilities for years. I feel the platform is so useful when running ABM programs and I couldn’t imagine running one without it.

Demandbase: What have been the highlights of your career?

Brittney: I greatly enjoyed participating on a Campaign Planning HubSpot User Group panel and also being a panelist on the Marketing Leadership Forum: B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021 and Beyond. I am honored to share my thought leadership whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Demandbase: What do you like most about your current role?

Brittney: I love the growth opportunity for the ABM program at Gainwell. It is such a unique audience, and utilizing best-in-class technology (like Demandbase) to provide stakeholders with meaningful insights into their accounts is exciting. Gainwell did not have an ABM program before I was onboarded, and since then, our team has grown so much to support the maturity of our program.

Demandbase: Where do you want to grow from here?

Brittney: I love what I do now, but maybe one day I’ll be an executive sponsor and mentor for ABM programs.

Demandbase: Any advice for others who aspire to be an ABM superstar?

Brittney: 1. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your failures. 2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
3. Dig into the data. There is usually a pretty awesome story hidden in there.

Demandbase: What interests do you have outside of work? What do you do to reduce stress?

Brittney: I have an 18-month-old son, so he keeps me on my toes! I love spending time with him and my husband. You can usually find us somewhere outside, trying to burn off some of my son’s energy when we’re not melting in the Texas heat.

Demandbase: What is something unique and unexpected about you?

Brittney: I am a unicorn. Seriously, my high school mascot is a Unicorn.

Demandbase: Is there anything you want to add or highlight about your ABM program, your success, and how Demandbase is helping you?

Brittney: I love Demandbase. Being able to aggregate disparate data into one platform is crucial in creating a holistic picture of your account. Demandbase has been such a timesaver in putting our different efforts together to view engagement.

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