The Next Generation of
B2B Advertising

A Conversation with SiriusDecisions

On-Demand Webinar

Today’s B2B advertisers are increasingly adopting an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach for their media spend. The “why” is clear — focusing on a prioritized list of companies, better aligning with sales, and measurement that reflects real business outcomes.

But ABM also introduces new challenges. How should advertisers define their buying committee? How can they actually reach them? And what does it mean to treat digital ads as a full-funnel channel rather than an awareness play?

Join SiriusDecisions and Demandbase for this webinar, featuring insights on all of the above, as well as a preview of Demandbase’s next-generation Targeting Solution.

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Matt Aaronson
Director, Product Marketing
Jonathan Tam
Research Director, Account-Based Marketing Strategies