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Account-based Marketing Sales Enablement and User Adoption 

Featuring Dylan Freier, Sr. Manager, ABM at Matillion and Caroline Newby, ABM Expert

April 19th at 9am PT/12pm ET

During this event, Demandbase Champion, Dylan Freier of Matillion and Caroline Newby, ABM expert, will dive into their tried and true methodology and welcome your questions in order to understand your use case and provide tips to help you do the same! 

This event will cover the following and will open the floor for you to ask all of your questions. 

  • The importance of trust, communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams, and how it can impact the overall success of a business.
  • Strategies for aligning sales and marketing goals, such as establishing shared KPIs and regularly tracking progress toward them.
  • Tips for building campaigns with your target audiences interests and pain points at top of mind, aligning your solve closely in an non-intrusive and organic way.
  • The role of technology and having the right stack to facilitate sales and marketing alignment
  • Best practices for fostering a culture of alignment between sales and marketing teams, including regular check-ins and feedback sessions, as well as ongoing training and education opportunities.

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