Targeting Solution

Zero in on the accounts that matter most.

Discover companies showing interest in your products with Artificial Intelligence and target them with personalized advertising.

Built specifically for B2B, the Demandbase Targeting Solution helps you identify and reach your target audiences—without waste—to drive real business outcomes.

Take the guesswork out of building your account list

Identify companies through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that meet your buying criteria and are showing early signs of intent for your products and services.

Eliminate waste with unparalleled targeting

Deliver display advertising to the decision-makers at your target accounts with unmatched reach and accuracy. Maximize your ability to engage key stakeholders throughout the sales process, creating awareness, credibility—and ultimately consensus—around your company and offering.

Orient around
business outcomes

Focus on the metrics that matter. Uncover advertising’s impact on close rates, deal size and funnel velocity. See which companies show a lift in ad and site engagement to inform sales and marketing tactics.

Speak their language

Personalize ad creative to get the right message to each decision-maker by industry/vertical, company or other custom attributes.

Make Brand Safety A Priority

No more junky placements. Demandbase delivers ads on a transparent whitelist of premium sites.

Manage the complete customer journey

Identify high-value prospective accounts, optimize their experience on your site and close the deal with sales intelligence.

Vince Giglotti
Director, Interactive Marketing & Advertising
Demandbase’s solutions help us get our message to the hospital accounts we value most. By targeting multiple contacts within an account, and not just one job title, we reach the right decision makers and deliver more qualified leads to our sales team.
It’s a win-win!

Demandbase ABM

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