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Reach the full buying committee and nurture your best-fit accounts
from awareness to revenue with account-based advertising.

Just announced:

Cross-Campaign Analytics puts an ABM lens on:

  • Campaigns run with Demandbase
  • Direct publisher buys
  • Traditional demand-side platform (DSP) campaigns
  • Paid search
  • Email

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LinkedIn precision at Google scale

Who says you have to choose? Demandbase monitors more than 150 billion B2B intent signals every month and uses artificial intelligence to identify the most relevant buyers within your target accounts. The upshot? Campaigns that automatically focus your budgets toward where they can make the most impact.

Measure what matters in B2B

Ditch the clickthrough rate crystal ball to understand the true ROI of your budgets. Measure reach, engagement, conversions and opportunities at the account level.

Protect your brand–and your behind

With direct publisher relationships with many of the web’s most reputable properties and total transparency into where your ads appear, Demandbase’s commitment to brand safety keeps advertisers out of hot water.

Speak their language

Personalize ad creative to get the right message to each decision-maker by industry/vertical, company or other custom attributes.

What are your buyers researching?

Uncover hidden intent patterns and boost SEO and paid search performance with Keyword Discovery, the first keyword recommendation tool that specifically monitors behaviors of key buyers at your target accounts.

The Leading
ABM Platform

Ads can draw accounts into your orbit, but what then? Demandbase has you covered. Personalize your site experience by segment, account and persona to maximize engagement. Arm your sales team with real-time alerts that power high-quality touches. Manage it all in the only unified platform that Forrester called “differentiated” in eight out of 10 categories.

See it in action

Watch this 2-minute video to get an overview of the next-generation B2B advertising solution which helps you identify and reach your target audiences—without waste—to drive real business outcomes.

Renny Fidlon
Vice President, Marketing
Intent—people doing research—is a much stronger signal that they are part of a buying committee than their supposed title. The people who are actually doing the research, forming the consideration set—that’s who we want to
deliver our message to.

Demandbase ABM

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