Measure the ROI of Every Sales and Marketing Interaction

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Use multi-touch attribution to see which programs are moving the pipeline and revenue needle

Demandbase Attribution is designed to help customers understand which marketing activities are impacting journey stage movement, pipeline, and revenue. It has never been easier to measure the impact and ROI of every interaction across Sales and Marketing with multi-touch attribution.

Demandbase delivers multi-touch and journey stage insights by leveraging your already integrated Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automations systems, allowing you to make better decisions about how to allocate budget and prove Marketing’s impact.

Unlike other attribution tools, Demandbase Attribution is account-based and looks at every interaction for sales and marketing, not just marketing campaigns. It uses Demandbase’s data integration, lead-to-account matching, and engagement minutes engines to give a complete account-based measurement solution.

Attribution is a Salesforce AppExchange app that delivers insights into pipeline performance through multi-touch & journey attribution.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Measure the ROI of every interaction.

  • Use First Touch, Last Touch, Equal Touch, Position Based, and Demandbase’s unique Engagement Minute Attribution model.
  • Weight activities by title and role to allocate more credit to interactions with personas who most influence outcomes.
  • Use insights to connect activity to outcomes and make better budget decisions.

Multi-Touch Attribution

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Account, Opportunity, and Person-Based Visibility

Measure the impact on what matters.

  • Understand engagement with multiple people associated with the account or buying group.
  • Get full visibility into touches across contacts, matched leads, and anonymous activity matched to an account.
  • Automatically add members of the buying committee with email and calendar integration.

Account, Opportunity, and Person-Based Visibility

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Custom KPI and Dashboard Delivery

Communicate information most critical to stakeholders.

  • Build trust by showing results right inside Salesforce.
  • Use out-of-the-box Salesforce dashboards to show attribution at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Leverage hyper-flexible dashboards based on organizational roles within Salesforce.

Custom KPI and Dashboard Delivery

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Journey Attribution

Understand how activities impact all funnel stages.

  • Understand which initiatives impact early-stage account activity and those that help accelerate deals. See trends and patterns that help you optimize marketing and sales investments.
  • Know which touches create Marketing Qualified Accounts and meetings.
  • Measure progress using your customized account journey.

Journey Attribution

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Marketing and Sales Interactions

Measure the impact of both Marketing and Sales touches.

  • Understand how Sales and Marketing work together to advance accounts, not just based on membership in a marketing campaign.
  • See which initiatives impact early-stage account activity and those that help accelerate deals in later stages.
  • Define next-best actions based on your actual journey outcomes for all your target audiences.

Marketing and Sales Interactions

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