Open Access to Demandbase API

New Initiative, DemandbaseLabs, Launches for Developers to Build Smarter Enterprise Apps Using Real-Time Identification of the Companies Hitting their Website

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2012 – Demandbase, the real-time personalization and targeting platform for B2B, today announced it has opened the API for its Real-Time Identification service, which will allow developers to create new applications that can leverage the corporate identification of web visitors, and use the attributes of those visitors to offer more personalized experiences. Offered through a new company initiative focused on further development of new ways to optimize web experiences using Real-Time Identification, DemandbaseLabs offers an API key for developers that delivers the unique company attributes about otherwise anonymous visitors to take marketing and sales applications more effective, and deliver a completely new set of data about visitors and customers into other backend, CRM, and ERP systems.

Demandbase Real-Time Identification enables businesses to increase engagement and conversion on their sites by providing the ability to personalize website experiences based on more than 40 corporate targetable attributes including company, industry, revenue, location, DUNS numbers, as well as their own first party attributes, such as whether a visitor is from an existing customer, a top prospect or even a competitor. Existing Real-Time ID-enabled plug-ins have been created for web chat, content management, marketing automation, and analytics software and platforms, including solutions from LivePerson, CQ5, Ektron, Limelight, Drupal, Eloqua, Marketo, Adobe, Webtrends, and Google Analytics.

“Our partners have created incredibly intelligent applications to make business marketers successful with their marketing and sales programs, and we know that there are a wealth of additional applications that can be created by web developers all over the world,” said Amit Varshneya, Demandbase vice president of Strategic Services. “By offering an open API, we hope to create a community of Demandbase-skilled developers that construct new applications for customers and requirements that span the enterprise, and we plan to bring that community together in the coming months for idea development and hackathons.”

There are a broad range of potential enterprise applications that could be built leveraging the Real-time Identification API, and the power of knowing the company attributes of a web visitor. The open API will allow developers to come up with their own integrations, which might include plug-ins to social monitoring tools, any content delivery or tracking application, procurement systems, event hosting and web conferencing software as well as mobile enterprise applications. The first application built on the Demandbase open API, is the recent module created and launched for Drupal CMS. Created by Srijan, a specialized Drupal development firm, the module uses Demandbase Real-Time Identification to provide sophisticated capability in serving personalized content based on web visitor identity.

“The Demandbase Real-Time Identification API is quite easy to work with, and we were able to create the first module for the Drupal community within a couple of weeks”, says Shashank Merothiya of Srijan Technologies, India. “Using this module we are now able to offer B2B Content Personalization services from within the Drupal open source CMS. Content elements such as blocks, menus and signposts can now be served based on the visitors’s company, industry and other similar parameters – all in real-time. With this initial success, we are working on developing additional Drupal modules using the same Demandbase Real-Time Identification API.”

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