Demandbase Certified Partners | August 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2012 – Demandbase, the real-time personalization and targeting platform for B2B, today announced it has added 19 System Integrators to its Demandbase Certified program, a company initiative launched earlier this year. These partners go through an ongoing training and certification process on new capabilities, success stories, and innovative best practices for integrating Demandbase’s Real-Time Identification Service, which uniquely identifies the companies hitting a website, into customer‘s marketing technologies. Customers use Real-Time Identification to target website visitors with relevant content in real time, and personalize the website experiences with more than 40 corporate targetable attributes including company, industry, revenue, DUNS numbers, and more. Demandbase allows customers to serve the right content in front of the right visitor, which turns better conversions, brings in more leads and better insights out of analytics.

Partners that have completed the certification process include Keystone Solutions, Srijan Technologies , Siteworx, TechAspect. These Demandbase Certified partners receive regular training to make them experts in both getting Demandbase customers up and running, as well as helping them see the benefits personalizing online interactions to get the right message in front of the right visitor..  Each partner has access to an online knowledgebase and tools, and must successfully complete a live project engagement before they are deemed Certified.

Srijan, an India-based system integrator, built a Drupal module that uses Real-Time Identification to identify web visitors and serves content based on each site visitor’s corporate attributes.

“As the web has moved into real-time, we look for technologies that shift us in that direction. When we learned about Demandbase’s Certified partner program, we knew that we had to get on board to understand the best practices for integrating Real-Time Identification onto customer’s websites,” said Rahul Dewan, CEO of Srijan Technologies, India. “We’re are looking forward to digging even deeper into the Demandbase technology, in order to help both their customers and ours take advantage of the value Real-Time Identification can provide.”

Another partner Keystone Solutions, the digital marketing industry’s most experienced full-service consulting group, uses Demandbase for their analytical solutions.

“The Demandbase Certified program is one of the most comprehensive and informative training processes we’ve ever gone through as system integrators, having learned the ins and outs of using Real-Time Identification and how it may best be leveraged for maximum value to our customers,” said Matt Gellis, CEO of Keystone Solutions. “Our focus is providing leading analytics strategy and execution to digital brands and we’re now fully equipped to help customers leverage Demandbase in our analytical solutions.”

More system integrators are currently going through the certification process to help customers identify previously anonymous web traffic, and customize the experience based on business attributes in real-time. Check back for a list of additional partners and their project engagements.