Demandbase Announces Winners of Inaugural Ace Awards

GE Energy Management, Atmel Corporation and CSC Honored for Driving Innovative B2B Marketing Campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO – April 30, 2015 – Demandbase, the leader in B2B Marketing Cloud solutions, today announced the winners of its first annual Demandbase Ace Awards, which honor customers for their achievements using Demandbase’s B2B marketing technologies. Award winners were recognized onstage, at AT&T Park during the Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B, for their excellence in the following categories: B2B Digital Marketing, B2B Account-Based Marketing and B2B Advertising.

Companies that participated in the Demandbase Ace Awards used Demandbase’s B2B marketing technology to solve complex marketing challenges including targeted, personalized advertising, website engagement and measurement, among others. As a result, they experienced higher levels of visibility into target accounts. This knowledge led to laser-focused marketing programs, more strategic decision-making and increased engagement with their prospects. Finalists included Acquia, CyberSource, HSBC and Iron Mountain.

“The quality and caliber of the submissions we received is remarkable and further validation of the value that Demandbase provides to the B2B marketing industry,” said Chris Golec, chief executive officer at Demandbase. “Each of the Demandbase Ace Award finalists and winners have used technology in unique ways to significantly improve their B2B marketing performance. We look forward to watching our customers continue to innovate using our products in the years ahead.”

Demandbase Ace Awards

B2B Digital Marketing Excellence

Winner: GE Energy Management

Demandbase Analytics was implemented across all six GE Energy Management properties to give teams a simplified view of the data for tracking site activity, sales funnel, product portfolio and client set. The product, which provides teams with a complete view into the companies that visited the GE Energy Management websites and pages viewed, helped GE to drive changes in their inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies. They made significant strategic decisions and became more targeted in their campaigns.

“GE Energy Management is delighted to have been named the first ever B2B Digital Marketing winner for the Demandbase Ace Awards,” said Holly Bounds, digital strategy leader at GE Energy Management. “Thanks to Demandbase’s seamless integration with CRM, CMS and MAS technology, we’ve increased visibility into our target accounts and become much more strategic in our campaigns. Across our company, we are seen as trailblazers in driving a significant transformation in GE’s digital marketing initiatives.”

B2B Account-Based Marketing Excellence

Winner: Atmel Corporation

With Demandbase’s Account-Based Marketing technology, Atmel developed personalized ads and tailored messaging for each of its target customers to help increase engagement earlier on in the buying cycle. As a result, Atmel experienced higher levels of visibility into the buying cycle of its target accounts and realized greater yields in engagement and conversion rates. The company also experienced an increase of 53 percent in asset downloads and expanded opportunities for their tier one accounts by close to 10 percent year-over-year.

“Demandbase has played an instrumental role in the execution of our account-based marketing program and we’re honored to be recognized by them for our efforts in ABM,” said Tom Vu, director of digital marketing and online acquisition at Atmel Corporation. “Thanks to Demandbase, we have been able to increase engagement with our target accounts and provide stronger alignment between our sales and marketing teams. We now have strong data points that illustrate increased client engagement and provide a clear ROI for our marketing programs.”

B2B Advertising Excellence

Winner: CSC

CSC kicked off a campaign called “Let It In” that aimed to shed light on the way enterprises are approaching IT in every industry and region across the world. As part of the campaign strategy, CSC leveraged Demandbase’s proprietary IP identification technology to directly target 300 key accounts. This allowed CSC to act in real-time and serve personalized creative to the contacts that were identified as key accounts and prospects. As a result of those efforts, the company ran their most successful campaign ever, generating over 5,000 leads and close to one billion dollars in pipeline revenue.

“Thanks to Demandbase’s account-based targeting capabilities, “Let It In” has been our most strategic and rewarding campaign to date,” said Jenifer Metz, director of global demand generation at CSC. “Demandbase’s technology played an essential role in our targeting strategies and helped ensure we reached our key audiences on a global scale. They definitely set the bar high for future campaigns.”

About Demandbase

Demandbase is the leading advertising and personalization company for B2B. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud is the only subscription-based ad targeting and web personalization solution that enables marketers to connect campaigns directly to revenue. Demandbase makes it possible for businesses to deliver personalized ads targeting specific businesses across the web, and then tailor the messages on their websites to convert these companies to customers. The B2B Marketing Cloud is powered by patented technology that enables marketers to identify and segment companies on the web and delivers detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time. The B2B Marketing Cloud connects to existing sales and marketing technologies – including CMS, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, chat and others – and provides a unified view of all activity across the entire sales funnel. With Demandbase, businesses can target, engage, convert and retain the customers that matter most to their bottom line. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies such as Adobe,, Box, CSC, DocuSign, Dell and others use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance. For more information, visit

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