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Demandbase Introduces New Feature to Integrate CRM with Web Sites and Improve Experience for Target Accounts
New Account Watch Functionality Enables Companies to Personalize Web Content for Customers, Target Accounts, or Competitors Without Cookies

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — January 26, 2011 — Demandbase, Inc., a technology company providing marketing performance improvement solutions for B2B marketers, today announced Account Watch, a new feature of its Real-Time ID Service.  Account Watch enables Real-time ID Service customers for the first time ever to connect their own CRM data to their website, enabling companies to deliver targeted messages to visitors, and trigger sales notifications in real-time.  For instance, a site visitor from a Top 100 prospect account can have an entirely different online experience–complete with tailored messages, shortened web forms or better chat engagement–than an existing customer or a competitor, even if it is the visitor’s first time to the site.  Additionally, specific site activity can be flagged for analytics measurement, with alerts sent to sales rep or the CRM system. Benefits of the new Account Watch feature include higher customer satisfaction, more effective cross-selling and streamlined customer acquisition on the web.

“The ability for a company to know, in advance, when a target account from its sales and marketing database is about to visit its website and to take action in a real-time manner to maximize the value of that visit has, until now, been nothing more than a marketer’s pipe dream,” said Jeff Zabin, chief and research director, Gleanster, and author of the business bestseller Precision Marketing. “Demandbase’s Real-time ID Service brings the vision for precision marketing effectiveness to fruition in the context of B2B, making it possible to deliver highly-tailored customer experiences based on the firmographic attributes of an individual prospect or existing account. By incorporating the power of predefined trigger alerts, Account Watch further enhances Demandbase’s already-remarkable platform capabilities.”

Demandbase customers can connect their CRM data to the Demandbase Business Resolution Platform to attach any number of custom tags to the company record, such as existing customer of a particular product or target prospect. This Account Watch list then becomes part of their Real-time ID service, which identifies the company about to hit their website.  Web experiences can be optimized based upon custom attributes that are combined with more than 20 standard firmographic details, such as industry, revenues, employee count and office location. Customers can leverage this data to target content or offers, enable proactive chat engagement, display account representative information, shorten or eliminate registration forms, and enrich web analytics tools with account and industry segmentation for better campaign measurement.

“Behavioral identification, which requires cookies or other personal tracking techniques, is critical for B2C marketing, but for B2B marketers it’s the identity and attributes of the account, not the individual, that matter most,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase.  “Until now, the most valuable customer and prospect intelligence has been  locked away in CRM systems.  Account Watch enables our customers to connect this rich information with their web marketing strategies and optimize online experiences for the traffic that matter most.”

Demandbase has mapped the business world on the web using a proprietary database of network IP addresses so that B2B marketers can be more effective with account based targeting. The Real-Time ID Service is built on the Demandbase Business Resolution Platform, a cloud-based business data cleansing and correlation platform including over one billion IP addresses accurately mapped to millions of global companies, delivering a unique ability to correctly identify business web traffic without using cookies, and deliver that information in real-time.

Demandbase’s Real-Time ID Service is a customizable API that easily plugs in to existing marketing technologies, such as marketing automation, CRM, web analytics, chat, and CMS platforms. Account Watch lists can be set up in minutes within the web service using as many unique company attributes as desired.

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