How the Senior Advertising Strategist at Unisys Pivots on a Dime with Self-Serve Targeting

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I really value having more visibility into and control over the campaigns that we are running. Being able to implement changes and enhancements myself rather than explaining what we want to do to our CSM makes our programs more effective and efficient.
Kate Coppola
Senior Advertising Manager, Brand and Digital Marketing

The Head Scratcher

Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for businesses and governments around the world.

Among its 17,000 employees, one stands out in particular: Kate Coppola, Senior Advertising Manager on the Brand and Digital Marketing team.

Kate is the driving force behind the Unisys advertising team, and she does it all—from managing audiences to testing creative assets and more. While she loves working with her Demandbase Customer Success Manager, she was also looking for more flexibility and control over her ad campaign management.

What’d They Do?

Kate ended up piloting the Demandbase Self-Serve Targeting Solution as a way to gain the adaptability she was looking for in her campaigns. Since Self-Serve Targeting allows ABM practitioners to build out and launch unlimited ad campaigns themselves, Kate wasn’t beholden to anyone else’s schedule or timeline when managing ad programs.

This allowed Kate to be more responsive and control the timing of launches with precision, which she found particularly helpful when managing ads for Unisys across its European and Asia Pacific campaigns. She also found that Self-Serve Targeting was useful when making iterative changes to campaign target audiences since she could go into the platform and make changes directly to the accounts by herself.

How’d They Do?

Using the Self-Serve Targeting solution, Kate found that she spent less time creating and maintaining ad campaigns, allowing her to focus on optimizing campaign performance. From setting up campaigns to adjusting details like audiences and naming conventions, Self-Serve Targeting gave her complete control.

“We always want to learn and optimize during campaigns, so I’ll make changes at periodic intervals or on the fly when I see what is happening in a campaign. Or if the alliance partner team tells me that our account list is changing, then we can make that change pretty quickly without having a lot of back and forth.”

– Kate Coppola, Senior Advertising Manager, Brand and Digital Marketing, Unisys

These benefits translated into tangible results as well. In the last 6 months alone, Unisys has seen:

  • 26% increase in page views on their website
  • Over 3.9 mm impressions served (i.e., people who viewed their ads)
  • 220 new accounts on site

Ready to get in on the benefits?