Shorter forms increase conversions.

Many B2B forms require up to 15 fields to capture the detailed company info marketers need to effectively manage leads. Shortening forms and asking for less from the visitor helps increase submits, but this usually means sacrificing company details crucial to lead scoring and routing. Demandbase solves this by providing the full complement of company attributes for each lead in real time, while requiring minimal info from the visitor.

How it Works

Remove form friction and increase conversions while passing detailed and standardized lead data to your marketing database.

  • Deliver better lead data.

    When a form is submitted on your site, Demandbase enables streamlined lead distribution, improved lead scoring, and fewer duplicate leads.

  • Apply that data automatically.

    Demandbase Forms allow your company to show a much shorter form to increase conversions without losing the data needed to manage your leads.

  • Smooth the path to conversions.

    Remove the barriers preventing visitors from engaging with you and take advantage of the opportunities your website is generating.

Success Stories

Demandbase simplifies and streamlines web forms.


See how Demandbase is redefining marketing.

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