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The ABM Unleashed Virtual Experience is strategically designed to amplify and go a layer deeper into the Demandbase content delivered at Dreamforce. By the end of the week, attendees will have the actionable insights to really unleash their ABM ambitions and turn them into action. Save your seat and hear from Demandbase ABM Ecosystem partners from Marketo, Drift, Folloze, Sigstr, LeanData, Uberflip, and the ITSMA; as well as Demandbase subject matter experts on a range of topics that will enable and empower your ABM journey. Register now!

Content Overview

ABM Ecosystem - Tuesday, November 19, 9:00am PT

The Martech Landscape Just Blew Up, Now What?
After the Chief MarTech Landscape ballooned past 7000, finding the right tools to solve your business challenges became THE challenge.

Guest Speaker: Justin Keller, VP Marketing, Sigstr
John Dering, Sr. Director ABM Technology & Strategy, Demandbase
ABM with Friends: An Account-Based Approach to Partner Marketing
Learn how ABM is being applied to Partner and Channel Marketing, making this function feel less like herding cats and more like a well-oiled machine laser-focused on positive business impact.

Guest Speaker: Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community, Drift
Guest Speaker: Anna Medeiros, Head of Marketing, LaunchPoint Partnerships, Marketo
Christine Farrier, Director Channel and Partner Marketing, Demandbase
Bonus Content
Sticker Shock and Buyer’s Remorse: How to Show ABM ROI to the C-Suite with Integrations that Drive Revenue
Join this session so that you can leverage what you have and assess what you need in order to deliver better integrated, ROI-driven ABM campaigns to your target accounts.

Guest Speaker: Gary Gerber, Head of Product Marketing, Folloze
John Dering, Sr. Director ABM Technology & Strategy, Demandbase

ABM Alignment and Measurement - Wednesday, November 20, 9:00am PT

Nobody Wins When the Family Feuds
Join us as we discuss some common inflection points between sales and marketing and learn how to turn these hurdles into opportunities for success.

Nani Shaffer, Sr. Director Marketing Ops & Demand Gen, Demandbase
Jay Tuel, VP Sales Development, Demandbase
Attribution or Confusion? How to Avoid Splitting Hairs AND Boiling the Ocean
During this session you will learn how to measure the ABM data points that matter the most.

Nani Shaffer, Sr. Director Marketing Ops & Demand Gen, Demandbase
Bonus Content
Measurement Tips and Tricks to Really Nail Your 2020 ABM Strategy
Recognize and account for the complexity of B2B buying cycles, listen in and learn how to show positive ROI by leveraging ABM insights and analytics.

Bonnie Thomas, Sr. ABM Strategist, Demandbase

ABM Optimization and Scale - Thursday, November 21, 9:00am PT

Crawl, Walk, Run, Scale! Beyond ABM Adoption
Advanced ABM strategies for optimizing and operationalizing ABM at scale.

Guest Speaker: Michael Waldron, VP Marketing, Uberflip
Tenessa Lochner, Sr. Manager ABM Education & Training, Demandbase
Bonnie Thomas, Sr. ABM Strategist, Demandbase
30 min
The Data Kerfuffle: Making Connections that Matter, When they Matter
Ease attribution confusion, join this session to learn how to move your target accounts through and out the funnel.

Guest Speaker: Erin Bush, Sr. Director Revenue Ops at LeanData
Nani Shaffer, Sr. Director Marketing Ops and Demand Gen, Demandbase
Bonus Content
3 Common ABM Pitfalls and How to Avoid Recover from Them
Listen in as we take stock of the common mistakes marketers make when rolling out an ABM strategy and hear how to recover from them.

Guest Speaker: Rob Leavitt, SVP Consulting, ITSMA
Jessica Fewless, VP Customer Experience, Demandbase

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