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Open 24 Hours B2B Newsletter: Our Favorite Drink & Content Pairings (Fall Issue)

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October 14, 2021

8 mins read

Open 24 Hours B2B Newsletter- Our Favorite Drink & Content Pairings (Fall Issue)

Open 24 Hours B2B Newsletter: Our Favorite Drink & Content Pairings (Fall Issue)

For many of us, the October and November months are for apples, cinnamon, cardamom, cranberries, and oranges — and how they make their way into uniquely autumnal and uncommonly delectable fruit pies, roasted turkeys, and the like. Granted, bread stuffing and cranberry sauce aren’t for everyone, but surely everyone has a favorite fall drink. One that envelops them like their coziest brown sweater. On that note, we asked some of our team leaders across the company to share their drink favorites in the fall issue of our B2B newsletter, Open 24 Hours. (Make sure you’re on the list to receive our newsletter via email — coming soon. Sign up now so you never miss out on the best in B2B insights.) Here they are  — from a masala chai to a martini — accompanied by some of our favorite content productions of recent months. 

In fact, we’re focusing on some piping-hot Sales enablement content for this issue, so you can finish the year strong. 

Without further ado, welcome to the Content Café!

(Miller’s) Manhattan & All Things ABX

(with Jon Miller, CMO)

“This fall cocktail is for Manhattan lovers who want to try something new and unique — just like ABX is for ABM lovers who want something new.” — Jon 

(21+ only) Obtain 2 ¼ oz rye, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, less than a tsp Fernet Angelico or Fernet Branca, and 1 tsp your favorite amaro (e.g., Campari, Averna, Gran Classico) Stir all ingredients over ice, then strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a fancy cherry

Jon came to Demandbase 2 years ago by way of Engagio, and before that Marketo, as visionary and founder of both SaaS companies. Today at Demandbase, he fearlessly beckons B2B go-to-market into the next stage of evolution: Account-Based Experience, for revenue teams that care about providing the right experience at the right time to customers across their journey. 


The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX)

The most comprehensive book on account-based programs — ever. You’ll see why Account-Based Experience is the best way forward for every B2B revenue-producing team that wants to own its future.


Five Reasons Why Account-Based Experience (ABX) Matters

ABX doesn’t invalidate your current ABM and lead-based strategies. It makes them stronger — by adding the critical principles of Customer Experience (CX).


The Many Benefits of Account-Based Experience (ABX)

ABX lets us work with buying teams on their own terms: anonymously when they want to be, helpful and relevant when they’re ready –– and always based on trust.


Getting Started Quickly with ABM and ABX

Jon Miller shares how you can get started with real results and real impact quickly for your Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Experience efforts. Or in other words, how you can go from zero to ABM in 30 days or less.

newsletter Pumpkin Spice Latte, Ebooks, & Reports

(with Megan Anderson, Customer Success) 

Add frothed milk to 2 shots of espresso. Mix in a dash of pumpkin spice, 1 tsp pumpkin puree, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 2 tsp sugar. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle on some nutmeg

Have you met Megan yet? She’s the one that makes sure our customers feel warm and cared for, like how some folks smile inside when they have their first PSL of the season. 

Megan once said, “In my career, I have tried event planning, public relations, and advertising, but it wasn’t until I started managing accounts and customer relationships that I found my passion.” She’s passionate about customers. Others are passionate about PSLs. It’s all good.

The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Account-Based Marketing Platform

If you’re scouting for a suitable ABM solution, the criteria in this guide can help steer your thinking, whether you are just getting started or looking to take your account-based strategy to the next level. 

The Advertising Cloud Playbook

In many ways, we are in a golden era of B2B advertising. But new possibilities come with new questions. In The Advertising Cloud Playbook, we cover guidelines and best practices, as well as helpful tips for carrying out advertising campaigns with Demandbase.

Demandbase is Global Leader: Vendor Selection Matrix for Account-Based Marketing Report

A leading independent analyst firm based in Germany released the second edition of their report Vendor Selection Matrix for Account-Based Marketing. And guess who was ranked #1 in ABM globally! (Spoiler: it’s Demandbase!)

b2b newsletterButterscotch Iced Coffee & DBTV 

(with Jon Leiberman, Content)

Pour a shot of espresso and a cup of milk over ice. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with sugar-free butterscotch syrup. 

This drink is straightforward, much like Jon (known fondly by some as Leib) is a straight shooter. Probably has to do with his journalism background. When he’s not providing the creative direction of new resources like DBTV and DB Central, he might be teaching college students the marketing ropes. But no matter what, you’ll find him sipping on his favored drink: an iced latté. (We think that might be where he gets all his energy.)

Here are some of the Content Team’s latest creations on DBTV. Sit back, dial in, and sip it down. 

What Happens When You Reach Out to a Prospect at the Wrong Time?

Get the recipe for reaching out to a prospective customer at the right time.

DB on DB: Delivering the Right Data to Sales

Demandbase Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Ashley Long, shares how Demandbase One is empowering Sales teams in ways we never have before.

Getting Started Quickly with ABM and ABX

Demandbase Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Jon Miller, shares how to quickly get real results and real impact started with your account-based marketing and experience efforts.

How to make your product indispensable with Dipalli Bhatt

Incognito Software Systems Head of Marketing, Dipalli Bhatt, discusses how to make yourself an invaluable resource for your customer’s unmet needs.

b2b newsletterBourbon Apple Cider & the ABM Blog 

(with Kevin Rooney, Sales)

(21+ only) Combine a cup of apple cider, a splash of bourbon, a dash of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of sugar in a tumbler. Garnish with an orange wedge. 

Kevin has been at Demandbase for six years (and knows where the bodies are buried). Have you seen him in a shark suit? Check it out ↓↓

Actually, he’s the nicest guy … and a regular contributor to the blog, whose love for sharing lots of Sales insights is rivaled only by his love of Megalodon. We hope you enjoy his tasty drink alongside some food for thought from some of our favorite contributors: 

Five Tricks for Increasing B2B Sales Velocity
by Katie Layng, VP of Mid-Market Sales

We’ve had to get creative with video and LinkedIn posts and have been getting personal with our more important, top-tier prospects to get their attention (in a good way).

Shark Week: The Most JAWSome Week of the Quarter
by Kevin Rooney, Senior Director of Sales

Shark Week is where the SHARKS of Demandbase dedicate an entire week solely to prospecting and building pipeline. And at Demandbase, we commit to Shark Week. Fully.

10 Reasons Why Every B2B Marketer Should Use Technographics for Market Segmentation
by Asher Mathew, VP Data Cloud

Technographic data can help marketers reach out to accounts with personalized messaging that conveys just how valuable they are.

Get In Front of the Competition: Use Intent Data to Find the Accounts that Drive Your Business
by Jon Miller, CMO

B2B markets are more competitive than ever. So how do sales teams break through the cacophony? Intent data.

How to Use Sales Intelligence Technology to Increase Sales Pipeline
by Jessica Diedrich, Content Marketer

The Sales Intelligence Cloud empowers you to find your best prospects in any stage of the B2B buyer’s journey, so you can serve them with relevant content exactly when they want it.

chai latte b2b newsletterMasala Chai & The Sunny Side Up Podcast

(with Harshal Gawali, Podcasts)

For the masala: Combine 1 tiny cinnamon bark, ¼ tsp ginger, 1 tsp cardamom, half a clove, and a dash of nutmeg. For the tea: 1 tsp tea powder, 1 stem lemongrass, 4-5 mint leaves, sugar or honey to taste. Boil everything together and enjoy!

For our podcasts, Harshal is the glue that binds. With an average of three podcasts a week (yes, three!), it’s amazing how he keeps calm and carries on. (Maybe the secret lies in the healing properties of this warming tea.) Sunny Side Up brings together actionable insights to help go-to-market professionals evolve and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. There are exciting conversations all the time. Here are a few recent episodes. 

Driving B2B Sales Performance with Michelle Bandler | Google

Michelle, Managing Director of TechB2B at Google, talks about how the digital transformation impacted the B2B market and delivered more ROI.

Sales Enablement Simplified with Vik Mediratta | Salesforce

Vik Mediratta, Director of M&A GTM strategy at Salesforce, talks about simplifying Sales enablement, while explaining its core elements. Get useful tips and tricks for creating successful Sales enablement experiences and more.

Will sales development ever be fully automated? | Snowflake

With technology being leveraged in the sales organization at scale, can sellers be truly replaced by automation systems? Explore the skills needed to be irreplaceable and the changes to expect in the coming years for sellers in this episode with Lars Nilsson, a Global sales leader at Snowflake.

The Content Café is always open for you to share and connect

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Open 24 Hours. While this issue may have come to an end, the conversation doesn’t have to. Share what’s in your cup or some B2B GTM insights at #DemandbaseOpen24. 

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