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Unspam Your Brand With Smarter GTM™ Powered by Account Intelligence

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February 8, 2022

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Unspam Your Brand With Smarter GTM™ Powered by Account Intelligence

Unspam Your Brand With Smarter GTM™ Powered by Account Intelligence

If you work in a business, you’ve been the target of business-to-business marketing and sales.

You’ve experienced the current state of the standard B2B go-to-market playbook.

Probably many times a day.

And it’s not pretty.

“It fills up my Inbox…”

“Ten a day.”

“At least ten, fifteen –”



I. Hate. Spam.

“It’s not just email – the content … the ads you get wherever you go online…”

“Just … ridiculous.”

“I’d say ‘irrelevant’ sums it up.”

“Like, do they even know me?!”

What’s going on here? Clearly, something is broken. When you meet marketers and salespeople in B2B you see right away: These people are smart. You have to be in B2B today or you don’t last very long.

But here’s the thing: All these super-smart marketers and salespeople … are still doing stupid things to their customers and prospects every single day:

Irrelevant offers

Conflicting messages


Advertising that’s just … noise

Sales calls that completely ignore what the vendor ought to know about you

That’s not the exception. It’s the current state of B2B.

And buyers hate it.

Now, if you’re saying, “But I don’t want to turn a blind eye to accounts or spam people with meaningless interactions across every channel,” then good! I don’t want you to either.

No more pretending. If you want to be smarter, you need intelligence. As consumers, we’ve all come to expect some really smart marketing and e-commerce experiences. Think about the last time you were on Amazon. They know you. They remember what you buy, when you bought it, who you sent it to, what products you’ve viewed and reviewed. And they use all of that data — all of that intelligence — to make your experiences better.

That revolution in consumer marketing is finally coming to B2B. It’s account-based. It’s digital. It’s Smarter GTM™. And it’s based on what I call Account Intelligence.

Let’s break it down

While 70+% of the buyer journey occurs online and anonymously, buying teams are dropping signals into a digital haystack.

All this data is only an opportunity if sales and marketing teams are able to collect it — and put it to use. But even when the data exists, it’s not available when and where it’s needed — it’s dispersed across systems and databases and teams and departments and software platforms.

And not just two or three systems, literally dozens. It’s not at all unusual for a B2B company to be using 30-50 sales and marketing applications and platforms. Each of these apps and platforms is doing a good thing in its own little swim lane, but collectively it means critical data about accounts gets spread all over the organization. So the insight you could get by connecting the dots is either never created, or it’s locked inside the apps that generated it.

This Go-To-Market Fragmentation can be crippling to effective, efficient, relevant B2B marketing and selling. It makes sellers blind to what’s happening at their accounts, it frustrates buyers, wastes resources and budgets, and ultimately leads to irrelevant messages and spam.

Account Intelligence for the win

Account Intelligence makes sense of all this, bringing together the numerous buying signals from an account, enriching it with reliable third-party data, and making sense of it with AI.

It combines and cleans data across web activities, CRM and marketing automation platforms, email, calendars, and other systems — and augments it with information about each account, the contacts at the account, their interests, the technologies they own, and much, much more.

The result is that B2B marketers and salespeople:

  • Make better decisions and are more relevant when it matters most
  • Spot opportunities earlier and progress them faster
  • Turn spammy interactions into relevant engagements
  • In other words, Account Intelligence creates a smarter go-to-market, aka Smarter GTM™.

Introducing the all-new Demandbase brand

Demandbase is here to make B2B better by getting smarter, injecting Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey.

We’ve transformed Demandbase over the last few years, with a new leadership team, the acquisitions of Engagio, InsideView, and DemandMatrix, and the release of Demandbase One. Today, we are an all-new Demandbase with leading solutions in ABM, B2B Advertising, Sales Intelligence, and B2B Data (including contacts) — all powered by the industry’s best Account Intelligence. Now that’s Smarter GTM™.

We’re so passionate about our new story that we decided we need a new, bold look and feel to convey our message. So I’m thrilled to share the all-new Demandbase with you! It combines a unique brand identity that signifies a break from the past (farewell, blue!) with a distinctive voice that’s confident, smart, and approachable.

Check out this short video to see our new brand in action, or visit the all-new to see it in all its glory!

It takes a Smarter GTM™ village

A quick thank you to the (huge) village that worked so hard to make this brand launch happen including Siri, Janice, Angela, Greg, Don, Lauren, and our content, product marketing, and social teams — as well as the awesome team at Velocity Partners including Doug, Jessie, Jen, Sara, and Krystal.

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Jon Miller

Former CMO, Demandbase

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