ABM Certification: It’s on the House

It’s somewhat ironic that a global pandemic like COVID-19 can make the world seem smaller. Yes, we are practicing social distancing, but we’re also reaching out to each other in more personal and creative ways, often using technology to do so. Brady-Bunch-style video conversations now dominate our professional lives, while social media is flooded with rediscovered hobbies, new work habits, and tales of our private battles to turn this health crisis around.

Double-Down on Your Marketing Skills
While we shelter-in-place, lots of us (especially marketers) are looking for professional development opportunities—in fact, you may never have a better chance to polish existing skills or expand your marketing knowledge. ABM certification is a good place to start; ABM was forged out of frustration with wasteful campaigns that “splurged” budget on companies that could never become customers. That’s exactly where certification can help, by training marketers to be hyper-focused on engaging the right accounts; those that are in-market and showing strong buying signals. Certification also helps to build your professional brand as a B2B marketer—a win-win during these challenging times.

Get ABM Certified for Free
At Demandbase, we want to do our part for struggling sales and marketing communities, and I think we’ve found a unique opportunity to be helpful. Starting today, we’re opening up our online ABM certification courses (Foundations and Advanced) at no cost—this offer will run through July 31st, 2020. In addition, Demandbase is committed to donating $1 for every person that completes ABM certification to United Way, a charity that’s committed to helping communities around the globe deal with the impact of COVID-19. If you’re interested, simply sign-up on our ABM Certification page today.

Fresh ABM Certification Content
ABM is a constant, but it’s never static. That’s why we’re always striving to improve the ABM certification experience for our fellow ABM-ers. Recently, we updated our Foundations and Advanced certification content covering essential ABM elements like target account lists, metrics, attribution, and scaling for success. We’ve also created a new set of supplemental learning resources to drive home your overall understanding of ABM in both theory and practice. In short, our certification is packed full of new content and fresh learning materials for you to enjoy.

So don’t wait—I encourage you to start your ABM certification journey today.