B2B Marketing Cloud

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B2B demands a different
game plan.

The B2B Marketing Cloud is the first set of end-to-end solutions that connects marketing technology across the funnel and optimizes it for B2B performance. Starting with Performance Manager and Web Analytics, and including Advertising, Personalization and Conversion solutions, B2B marketers now have an unprecedented ability to get results from their existing marketing technology.

Performance Manager

Performance Manager is at the center of your B2B Marketing Cloud

For the first time CMOs now have a unified view of how their marketing programs are performing across the entire funnel, from awareness through pipeline and closed revenue. With Performance Manager, you can know exactly what is working, and where there are weak spots.

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Rather than tracking aggregate, anonymous page views, Demandbase Web Analytics delivers the insight that B2B marketers need, such as company information, industry, size, revenue account status and more. You get an account-based view of site traffic and transform your web analytics tool into a B2B intelligence engine.

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Web Analytics


Don’t settle for display advertising that wastes money and doesn't work for B2B. Now, you can focus your entire ad budget on reaching only the companies you care about, wherever they are on the web. By delivering personalized messages to target accounts that connect to content on your website, you can accelerate the sales cycle and link ad campaigns to revenue. 

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Optimize your website so that the accounts you care about see content that will be relevant to their business and lead them closer to a buying decision. With Demandbase integrated into your content management system or testing tool you can personalize experiences for target accounts and key company segments, increasing engagement and ultimately conversions for the companies you care about most.

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Increase your conversion rates and improve marketing automation performance by shortening your forms without sacrificing data quality. Demandbase provides a robust set of company attributes for site visitors in real-time, so you can reduce form friction, increase conversions, easily qualify leads and segment for effective nurture.

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The B2B Marketing Cloud changes the game. 

It's built on a powerful combination of technologies to help marketers get results:

  • Patented Identification

    Our unique and patented technology matches website visitors’ IP addresses to our own/proprietary database of detailed information on companies across the globe.

  • Audience Management

    Data alone won’t make the difference. With our technology for organizing and targeting specific groups of companies and industry segments you can build truly focused, full-funnel marketing programs.

  • Performance Dashboards

    Track your marketing initiatives across the funnel and see how you’re moving the needle from advertising to website activity and into real revenue opportunities.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    Our advanced advertising technology connects into public and private business ad exchanges to reach the companies you want to sell to, with zero waste.

  • Marketing/CRM Connectors

    Our pre-built connectors are easily implemented to make marketing software work better for B2B. We’re platform agnostic and work with any Analytics, Marketing Automation, CMS, A/B Testing, or CRM tool.

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