Account Selection

Put an end to the guessing game.

Know which target account you should be going after, right now.

Find companies that meet your criteria-and are showing strong buying signals and demonstrating interest in your product. Part of the Demandbase ABM Platform, Account Selection enables you to easily and quickly super-charge the success of your ABM strategy.

Build a stronger account list in minutes

Use our light-years-ahead-of-the-rest data and modeling to identify high-value accounts – in just minutes.

Boost results throughout the funnel

Increase ROI on your marketing programs by prioritizing the most receptive buyers.

Enable true end-to-end ABM

Deploy your account list audiences across all your ABM marketing and sales tactics – in Demandbase's platform and elsewhere.

Scoop the competition

Know when accounts start showing the first signals of intent, so you can reach them before your competition does.

Pat Oldenburg
Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Operations
Demandbase Account Selection has taken the guesswork out of building a target account list and provides a simple and collaborative process to identify top accounts. We were able to identify a target account list stack-ranked by intent, including insights for on-site engagement and off-site intent, setting marketing and sales up for success.

Demandbase ABM

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