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Say goodbye to siloed data

Announcing ABM Analytics, the way to easily view market performance across your entire funnel.

Get the critical foundation you need to execute Account-Based Marketing effectively and easily. The Demandbase ABM Platform is the only comprehensive, end-to-end ABM platform that lets you easily manage audiences of target accounts, measure the progress of those accounts and act on them across the entire funnel.

Centralize command
and control

Bring together ABM audience creation and management, activation and measurement—all in one intuitive platform anyone in your organization can use and understand.

Define your target audiences

Build account audiences in three ways: from your own CRM data, by uploading a pre-existing account list, or using our AI-powered Account Selection to discover and create a new set of target accounts based on intent data.

Measure success with ABM Analytics

Get a complete picture of your overall marketing performance for each audience across every stage of the funnel. Diagnose the health of any audience by comparing it to another. You can easily generate a lookalike audience-or build a control group of your own to compare audiences in different verticals or regions, or audiences that have been exposed to particular program types.

Segment audiences for your campaigns

Define, then refine. Once you've created audiences, you can use them in programs across the buyer's journey. Classify accounts into segments that have not progressed to the next stage in the buying cycle-and put in place new actions and programs to move them forward.

Discover opportunities in the customer journey

Are the right accounts coming to your site? Are they engaging with content? Target key decision-makers with advertising designed for ABM. Engage them with a personalized experience when they arrive on your site. Deliver the insights Sales needs to close business faster.

Jason Miyasato
Director of Global Campaigns
Before using Demandbase, I felt like we were flying blind. Demandbase has given us insight we didn’t have before, so now we know what level of traction and engagement we’re getting within our key accounts.

Demandbase ABM

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