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Purposeful Planning: Tech, Talent, or Programs? How to Structure Budgets and Teams for Long-Term Growth

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November 10, 2022

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Purposeful Planning: Tech, Talent, or Programs? How to Structure Budgets and Teams for Long-Term Growth

How do top-performing revenue leaders structure their budgets and organize their teams for sustainable growth? Tough decisions need to be made to ensure you invest where it matters most for your organization’s goals.

Businesses need the right combination of talent, technology, and smart budgeting to succeed.  Data-informed strategies help marketers determine which processes, technologies, or positions drive the most ROI. 

How do top-performing revenue leaders structure budgets for growth?

  • They define the organizational vision and identify cascading priorities
  • They communicate what each department is expected to focus on and achieve
  • They clearly articulate department goals, metrics and KPIs

What are some pitfalls marketers should avoid?

  • Focusing on too many competing priorities and projects, which can lessen their impact and hinders alignment with the overarching vision 
  • Neglecting to adequately track data and either lacking a destination for data or having it trapped in silos

How is an information-driven marketing journey successfully designed?

  1. Support and enact the vision with informed, data-driven metrics
  2. Ensure a process that defines, organizes, analyzes, and utilizes metrics, and use that to guide priorities, goals, and projects
  3. Routinely refer to the metrics to track progress against business and department goals, course-correcting as needed

 “Ask: what are we trying to accomplish as a company? How does marketing, or your department,  contribute to the growth of the business? Define what’s important, then create KPIs.” – Tracy Kraft, Vice President of Revenue Marketing, Demandbase

Want the winning formula for optimizing your budget and team for sustainable growth? Watch our 5-minute webinar with Frost & Sullivan Partner and VP, Roberta Gamble and Tracy Kraft, VP of Revenue Marketing, Demandbase, How to Structure Your Budgets and Team for Success here.

Not all superheroes wear capes. Still, extraordinary B2B revenue teams share one superpower: they know how to align, optimize and mobilize their people, processes, and systems to dominate in the face of adversity. This is part one of our four-part series hosted by Frost & Sullivan,  Build an Invincible B2B Revenue Engine

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Moira van den Akker

Director, Enterprise Marketing , Demandbase

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